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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Friday Fitness Female: Lisa-Marie Zbozen – The Face of BodyRockTV & The DailyHiit

Meet Lisa-Marie Zbozen

Lisa-Marie Zbozen 1

A while back we did a feature called ‘BodyRockTV: The Home Workout Movement Has Taken Over Online Fitness‘ where we sat down with the owner of BodyRockTV, Frederick Light, to get an inside scoop on what BodyRock really is, and what exactly it means to be a ‘bodyrocker’.

We followed it up by breaking the news of ‘The BodyRock Transformation; The New Improved Daily Hiit‘, in which Freddy, alongside brother Sean and Fitness Model Lisa-Marie, were starting ‘The Daily Hiit‘. If you are unfamiliar with The Daily Hiit, just know that their focus is on creating the very best fusion of workouts, community & inspiration for people all over the world, every single day.

In having a close relationship with the power behind one of the biggest revolutions in the online fitness industry, we couldn’t understand why we had not featured Lisa-Marie as one of our Friday Fitness Females.

As an early Bodyrocker, Lisa-Marie had followed the workouts from the beginning, sending in pictures of her progress. She came to visit Freddy in Kingston, Ontario after he moved back from Los Angeles, with no intention of becoming the new host of BodyRock. They needed to put together a workout for the day, and Lisa-Marie decided to jump in and had great energy, and performed the role to perfection.

Needless to say, the rest is history.

Check Out More Lisa-Marie At Her Facebook
And Check Out BodyRockTV & TheDailyHiit

BodyRock & Daily Hit Are Also On Facebook, Twitter, YouTubePinterest
And They Have An iPhone BodyRock App

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  1. chris says:

    She did not “just send pictures” to Freddy. She was supposed to be a host “fill in” after Freddy separated from Zuzana (Former BR host). You should make a full review and not leave things behind.

  2. Marco says:

    Hello Coach…

    Just came across your article on Lisa-Marie Zbozen from HotRocks.
    Seems things haven’t changed much in regard to the history of BodyRocks since I found it a few years back.

    First, Frederick Light (porn director prior to Bodyrocks) studied at Queens in Kingston in the dept. of Film and Marketing and he has done quite the job misrepresenting his “BodyRocks” label.

    Lisa-Marie Zbozen was a fitness instructor long “BodyRocks” came into existence and already had the body of a goddess! She worked as director at FUNKY CLUB FITNESS LIMITED in Derby, UK from May 2009 until she resigned in Jan 2010 with fellow fitness instructor Jon Leonard. Before that, she also worked at the local Derby College.

    As for Mr. Light’s previous BodyRock host Zuzanna Light, he found her in the Czech Republic. She was a porn actress there and continued working in porn in LA while on her time off from BodyRocks. She already had the body most would desire.

    Different aliases she goes by:
    1. Aleska Diamond (Porn, adult straight and anal plus double penetration)
    2. Susana Spears(Just Solos carrier)
    3. In actionGirls (Porn)
    4.Zuzana Majorova (in Czech Republic)
    5.Susanna Miller
    6. ZuzanaLight(on youTube As a fitness working instructor)
    and others.

    The name changes, but the deceit lingers!

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