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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Friday Fitness Female: Beth Hagendorf – Not Just Another Fitness Face & Body

We always make sure when featuring someone as a Friday Fitness Female that they have strong ties to the industry, but occasionally we’ll come across some who possesses so much more than a good body and knowledge of what it takes to sculpt an immaculate figure. Beth Hagendorf is exactly that.

Beth Hagendorf 1

Born and raised in Columbus, Texas on a cattle ranch, Beth’s name has quickly risen within not only the ranks of the fitness world, but the entertainment industry as well. Those who know Hagendorf are familiar with her fun, bubbly personality.

She’s of course also drop dead gorgeous and her body, seen in the gallery below, has been chiseled to perfection. Hagendorf is more than meets the eye, having attended Texas A&M University to earn her BS in Sociology and Minor in Psychology, she remarkably earned her degree in only three years.

That brain was put to use when she designed and oversaw the construction of a 3 story glass house, which received accolades for its creativity and innovation. When it was listed for sale, it was featured in a New York Times article covering what you can buy for $500,000. in the U.S.

In 2011, Hagendorf moved to California seeking greater challenges, and as a natural athlete, began to focus solely on her weight training. Her natural athleticism, coupled with determination and intensity quickly garnered her attention in fitness communities, which in turn led to her modeling.

Some of her competitions include; 2013 Arnold Classic, Muscle Contest Los Angeles, Olympia Bikini Model Search, Southern California Classic, Texas Shredder Classic & the Excalibur. She’s also done live broadcasting/sports commentary at the Arnold Classic Strongman.

On stage, Beth has learned to let her personality shine, which is the reason she’s currently enrolled in Carey Scott’s Rehearsal Room Acting School, and has completed her first film project. She also hosts a TV show, ‘The Talk of San Diego’, which is an entertainment show about places to go & things to do in San Diego.

We’ve yet to mention her greatest quality – her heart. After winning $2500 during a Bikini Contest, she donated it to a Dog Rescue Shelter that she’s associated with! Classy, fit and sexy!!

Check Out More Beth At Her;
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Beth Hagendorf

A Beth Hagendorf Story from Beth Hagendorf on Vimeo.

Interview with Beth

Who are you?

I am Beth Hagendorf, born & raised in Columbus TX on a cattle ranch. I moved to San Diego, CA two years ago, because I just got bored and wanted to experience life’s challenges away from home.

What five words best describe you?

Amiable, buoyant, resolute, inspiring, beautiful… which indicates to me that I am blessed, and need to do good things with my acclaim.

We’re going to add well spoken to your list. Are you the epitome of a small city girl with big city dreams?

That doesn’t sound like me at all, but the more I think about what I’m doing and… crap it is I guess.

Where and what did you study in school?

I went Texas A&M University, which will surprise anyone that knows what kind of traditional conservative school TAMU is. I majored in Sociology and minored in Psyche.

Having grown up in Texas, and now residing in California, how would you compare the two. Do you miss back home?

I miss the food so much. I constantly dream about the restaurants, and places I would love to go to eat with my loved ones. I also miss the TX Hill Country, and TX Hill Country Music Scene. There is no other place in the world that resonates that good-time special feeling with classic country and old time stories of legendary singers. SoCal is one big mixing pot, with no particular identity, but it is more picturesque than any other part of this country.

Well we’ve seen the breathtaking view from your home you’ve shared on Facebook. We can’t blame you for moving. Before jumping into your fitness, modeling and entertainment career, can you tell us about the three-story glass house you designed and built in Lake Austin, Texas?

I listed resolute as an attribute above.  I’d worked in real estate finance for years, so I knew how to buy a house, I just wanted an amazing one. After a Lake Austin riverfront property fell through, I stumbled upon a glass house for sale. I put in an offer too late. My heart was set on it, so the only other option was to construct my own 3 story glass house ;)

**Editor’s Note: Below is a picture of Beth’s Lake Austin Glass House

Click Photo For More Pictures

How and when did you get into fitness?

I’m a natural athlete. I think some throw that term around, but early on I knew I was gifted in PE, and by playing football in the 4th grade with the guys. I remember wanting to be around the football boys even in High School, so I took up power lifting and always had a love for the iron.

In 2011, you had a big year in fitness, modeling and needless to say finding your niche. What moment stands out as the breakthrough for you?

When I went to a “group shoot” my manager took me to in LA. It was like a light bulb went off in my head on our drive back to San Diego. There was a higher purpose to competing and modeling.  I began to see I could one day leave the corporate world for a job that I was more apt to do, which is perform and use my talents if I was smart, extremely proactive, and projected myself in the right manner. As my understanding of the industry grew, right along with it my acceptance into the industry did as well.

Having competed in everything from Excalibur and the Arnold Classic, to the TX Shredder and Flex Bikini Model Search at The Olympia, do any stand out as your favorite competition?

In Bodybuilding the Olympia is the esteemed show, yet if anyone can afford to attend both they will quickly notice The Arnold Classic pays attention to every single detail to make it an enjoyable experience for the fans and audience. It’s greater than any other sporting event next to the Olympics. So, The Arnold Classic hands down.

Do you have a ‘weekly routine? If so what is it?

No I don’t, I have to constantly grow and change in every aspect. Every quarter of the year I try to be in a whole new era of my life, therefore my gym routine should be changing throughout the year. Like a lot of athletes, I say, “it’s not what day it is, it’s ‘what is next?’” For me I focus on my weaker muscles, glutes and delts or problem areas. Leaving the larger muscles for the days I know I will have more time to train them.

What’s the hardest part of maintaining such a stunning figure?

TIME. Living a fast paced life, with my hands in too many buckets, my diet suffers unless I take an entire day out to cook for the week. If I take a day off I lose momentum with my show business career. I always say the only thing holding me back is time. As a result, I just don’t sleep a lot. It’s not healthy, but it’s hard to sleep when my head does not stop creating ideas and paths for me to take.

You can sleep when your dead :p Can you describe what your diet plan like?

My diet needs so much help! What I do understand is how quick my body does react to all foods. I eat a ton of junk food, but when I’m prepping for a show I prescribe to carb cycling. That is where I always change my carb intake day to day. Unfortunately I have my body thinking its average carb intake is less than 50g a day, so when I low carb it… that means, one serving of oatmeal.

Please note; most of us body builders will not refer to our vegetables as a carb source, and we can eat as many veggies as we like. I always eat over my body weight in protein, which means always eating more than 130g.

What part of your body do you take the most amount of pride in?

Glutes :D

Beth Hagendorf 82

And we see why! :) What type of music do you listen to when you work out?

David Guetta!

Fitness is one of your many avenues of being amazing. With modeling being another one. Which shoot, whether it be fitness or glamour stands out in your mind as one of your favorites?

All of the shoots blur together after awhile. I truly don’t think I’ve captured my best shot yet. A lot of photographers will say that too- “My best shot is tomorrow’s.”

Well our best feature is today’s! Are there any photographers you’re dying to shoot with?

No, I try not to put anyone on a pedestal, and that way it is even playing ground. In order to bring your a-game to a shoot or audition, you need to look at it like they need you just as badly as you need them. I remind myself they are lucky to work with me too!

Well we’re certainly honoured and blessed to have worked with you! You are currently enrolled in the Carey Scott’s Rehearsal Room Acting School. Tell us about your time there, and if you have done any acting yet? If so, what have you done?

There are acting schools throughout the US, and I can confidently say I was accepted and enrolled in the best one! Look up Carey Scott’s IMDBor The Rehearsal Room Website and try and argue that. He teaches method acting, and was a direct student under Stella Adler. I can’t say enough about how much I gain from my classes.

What people don’t realize is that all artists practice daily (musicians, painters, etc) and so should actors! At no time in our career are we done learning, so practicing as many times a week as we can is imperative. I have been in one non-union feature film, and currently filming two non-union short films.

My goal immediately after my fitness show in March is to hunt down two agents and two acting managers in each county (LA & SD). From there I should start booking union gigs and get my SAG card!! Woo-Hoo! It is the chase that will be so exciting! I love the chase and I love the thrill behind auditioning!

You host ‘The Talk of San Diego’. How did you land that job and can you tell us a memorable story or two?

Landing that job takes a lot of talking and being confident about yourself, and you should heavily rely on your instincts and hope your judgment is good. You need to show you are quick on your feet as that is what is required when “on camera” for a TV talk show.

There are so many moments, and shows that will never air, so nice you ask. My favorite is a show we did at The Del Mar Race track. I don’t know a lot about the subject material, and you really just have to act like you belong there, which was funny, it being at such a fancy place. That goes for a lot of the fancy places, a TV camera will get you into them secretly, and I feel so out of place at those shin digs. Lol. My favorite moments are hanging out with the production crew though.

What was it like being in the music video for ‘Fast Lane’ by Money Maxx? Do you have an extensive dance background, or are you just really good at workin’ it?

A lot will look at that work and just think I’m a slut. What people don’t realize is that it is full on acting, and that is my job! I had to really conjure up my character’s personality, and that is NOT me in real life. On camera I will take on whatever persona my character needs to be. I wanted to clarify that since others forget what “on camera” may mean for us.

Now to your question…  I had no prep time, and I would say it does take talent to do that kind of work in the very FEW takes we did on a short time schedule. And lol I don’t have a dance background! The director whom I put my trust in just makes me look good.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to hosting, you have training in live-broadcasting and worked at the Arnold Strong Man competition. Do you intend do continue your broadcasting career, or do you want to focus more on acting and hosting?

The word LIVE terrifies me, because I tend to have a mouth on me that makes no sense sometimes, or says the wrong things. In the past two years I have done the Arnold Classic Strongman Sports commentary. I love sports commentary, as it mainly consists of explaining to viewers what they are watching. My door is open for live-broadcasting or acting, which ever will pay my bills first. However, I will never stop acting, as it is rewarding on so many levels. I discover something new as an artist every day by acting and digging into the layers that we each have.

We’ve come to the conclusion that you’re pretty well the total package! Have you ever been told your infectious personality and smile is contagious, and likely one of the reasons you’re conquering everything you do in life?

I do understand a good smile goes along way, but I think it is the sincerity behind it that helps. I wish I had more time to spend with everyone, so they could get to know me better. I think they would find I’m a good person and really that is all that matters (not my looks).

I do hope to have a powerful successful platform one day to speak and lead from so I will have the means to convey messages to the general public and stand up for what I believe in. There are so many things in this world that need help and I truly hope to use my acclaim and celebrity in that regard. I guess that’s why I don’t sleep much at night… I hope to get there one day.

With no tattoos or piercings, is it a ‘you’re unsure what to get’ issue, or a ‘why would I ruin this, have you seen my body?’ issue?

Well that is at the top of my resume, because its HUGE in modeling and bodybuilding. When you are advertising someone’s swimwear or nutritional product or on TV (where you can’t photo shop) having writing on your skin is a huge distraction. Personally I just don’t feel strongly enough about anything for too long to tattoo it. I did however tattoo on a lot of my makeup because I knew I would always want that. Tattoos can look bad naked, or serve again as a distraction, so I prefer just skin.

We prefer skin too :) What do you do to unwind from such a busy lifestyle?

Well, if I had the money I’d like to get acupuncture done and a lot of eastern or Chinese medicine practices, especially all those fancy massages. I do enjoy wine or an amber beer, with big burrito from Chipotle or Freebirds, and of course movies!

What are your plans for 2013 and beyond?

Ideally to leave corporate America after being behind the desk for a decade. I am actually a mortgage default auditor at JPMorgan…. My day job slows me down for sure.

It hasn’t slowed you down too much Beth. Do you have any final words for your fans and the readers of Lion’s Den U?

Anyone can do what I do. I think it takes a unique time in your life, where your determination surpasses all other goals and priorities. I myself do not have a boyfriend, haven’t dated in 2 years, do not have children, etc., so it is easier for me to be driven and focused. I’m not saying that those with families can’t, but that is what has allowed me to have the time to do so. There are plenty of amazing mothers and fathers I work with who somehow juggle their families, fitness or entertainment careers and those people are truly amazing! I try to learn as much as I can from them.

You can learn something from anyone and everyone, and hopefully the people who’ve taken the time to read this have learnt that Beth Hagendorf is not just another fitness face and body, but an amiable, buoyant, resolute, inspiring, beautiful woman who’s taken the world by storm!

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