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Class Notes - 04/27/17

04/27/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Wanna Be Famous?: Jersey Shore, meet Toronto’s Lake Shore

Whether you love or hate reality television, you cannot deny its success. Shows like the Real World, Big Brother, and Jersey Shore are so successful because of the captivating drama that ensues when you put a group of strangers together under one roof.

Toronto is getting its own version of reality TV with a show called Lake Shore and YOU can be a part of it.

The concept of the new TV show is a group of 8 strangers from different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and lifestyles get thrown under one roof in a house on Toronto’s Lakeshre.

Auditions and casting for the new show will take place on July 16th & 17 at Frequency Night Club ( 296 Richmond street, Downtown, Toronto) from 2 to 9 pm. To RSVP visit their FACEBOOK PAGE

Here is a little Q&A given out by the producer:

Q. When are the auditions and what time are they?
The auditions are being held on July 16th & 17 at Frequency Night Club ( 296 Richmond street, Downtown, Toronto) from 2 to 9 pm. You do not have to be there on both days. Come on either date, anytime between 2 to 9 pm. The earlier, the better… it will be crowded!

Q. Do I have to sign up for the auditions?
You simply RSVP on our Facebook event page. That’s all.

Q. Will we get paid if we make the cast?
YES. Of course. It’s a job at the end of the day. A fun job ;)

Q. When will you shoot the series?
Once we have confirmed our ideal cast for the debut season. I assume sometime late 2010 or winter/spring 2011.

Q. Are we auditioning in front of a crowd or only for the judges?
You will be one on one with our celebrity judges.

Q. Who are the judges?
Canadian celebs!

Q. How many people are you going to choose?
8 cast members from different backgrounds and sexual orientations

Q. Can actors apply? What about unions?
Anyone can apply… union, non union . . . everyone is welcome.

Q. What’s the show about?
8 cast members from different backgrounds and sexual orientations move into a house together and learn how not to step on each other’s tail or step on it!

It’s not a competition; it’s all about their differences!

Drama, Drama, Drama is what the cast will be facing! it’s your crazy girlfriend vs boyfriend vs your ex who is now dating your friend who has a crush on your boyfriend drama with fist pumps & attitude spilling all over your couch!

The cast will be going to “unique” underground parties where surprises will be awaiting them and the viewers…BEWARE. The show might not be so G-rated! ‘WINK, WINK’

Q. What will the auditions be like?
The auditions will occur in a lounge-like atmosphere… There will be aa cash bar and lots of opportunities for mingling while our host, Susie Iliyan, who will be going around and meeting and talking to people… Sorta like a Ryan Seacrest thing happening…

The Judges will have one-on-one meetings with you, it’ll be your chance to tell us why you think you’re the STAR for this show. Feel free to bring along anything that will best describe your personality or shows us your skills and/or talent! We love to see what you’ve got! It is all about you, you and more you!!!

After the auditions, my crew will stay behind to party with you at Frequency Night Club from 10 pm to midnight where we’ll have camera’s rolling to catch any last minute misbehavior ;) Watch out fans!

Lake Shore in the News!
Etalk, Z103 & WhatsGoodToronto.com along with other media will be there to cover this big event, so make sure you come in, audition & get your drink on and your mingling skills going! This is your chance to show Toronto who you are & what you’re all about!

Z103 will be giving out prizes and you will have a chance to win a Toyota Rav!

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  2. Jay says:

    What are the requirements just out of curiosity for eg. height, weight, body type preferably for the show because I’ve watched jersey shore and I just wanna make sure instead of going out to audition and making myself look like a fool. Out of place and what not. Comment back please and thank you…

  3. Gill says:

    how old do you have be?

  4. David Sample says:

    Hi, my name is David Sample and I would like to apply for the Lake-Shore, however, I currently am living in Vancouver.
    I know you were holding auditions in Toronto, but I think I am a perfect candidate for the show. I;m not your typical person. I’m gay, it was something that I struggled with personally in high-school and while growing up in a small town, however,everyone I know has and is super supportive and those who aren’t can fuck themselves. I’m not one to stay doing anything for too long, so I like to move around a lot. I’ve attended 3 different Ontario colleges and have lived in 5 different cities in the last 5 year. I have a super outgoing personality, I played competitive sports growing up, I love having a good time with friends, DRINKIN, and partying. I love beer pizza and wine!! and my friends can usually twist my arm into takin some shots. However im still really down to earth and laid back and keep it simple at times. Im a gemini so im the split personality.. I dunno I like to have fun, and experience life and try new things. I just don’t come from parents with money, so all of my new adventures and experiences I owe to going out into life and taking risks. I recently drove out to Vancouver because it has been my life long dream to become and actor, I just love bing able to move someone through my performance and become that character. I just want to be happy, make a difference in peoples life, and just try and experience as much as I can… my friends would describe me as someone who tells it how it is.. It gets me into trouble sometimes because I sometime say things I probably shouldn’t. and I stick up for my friends all the time and will cause a scene if need be, hey what are friends for, plus you can reminisce about it later.. anyways I would love to share more, photos, more about me..answer questions, anything.. I know I’m not in TO to audition, however, I hope you can see my uniqueness and my awesome personality and want to here more. please email me daveysample@hotmail.com facebook… david sample

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  6. jwoww says:

    im a part time actress and i have been working on theater at a sweet drama school. anyway, i really want Jwoww on the jersey shore, id love to get my launch on a tv show like that

  7. brendan neville says:

    i would be the perfect for this show in EVERYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Jona Buccino says:

    Whoa. How didn’t I think of this?

  10. Clubber Lang says:

    YES;;if we pray in faith we can have what we ask;;;A—MEN

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I think that this is the dumbest idea ever…………
    Trying to copy Jersey Shore and you’re filming it in the winter which is a stupid idea. All in all, I think this show will be stupid :)

  14. felix says:

    HA. Dude up there’s a fag

  15. asher says:

    Can I still try out I look like pauly and have hair like his :)I reside in mississauga

  16. asher says:

    I have a video on youtube its called jersey shore-pauly d goes to college

  17. Pet cages says:

    Regards, MY PARTNER AND I relished any article greatly. Its attractive to ascertain somebody authoring an item truly worth looking through.

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