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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Olympic Recap, Closing Ceremonies & Medalists [Gallery Included]


Canada as a country should be extremely proud of our performance on home soil at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Yeah, we started awfully slow and allowed the United States to run away with a historic medal total and many were left saying “Own the podium? At least we will own the thing once the U.S. leave with all the medals”. But as the Olympics moved on, Canada got stronger and first ever home-soil gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau was right when he said “this is just the beginning”. Canada came home with a record 14 Gold Medals, the most gold medal in a Winter Olympics… EVER.

*Be proud Canada, but not because of cracked out mascots!

To top that, the States in 2002 had 10 gold medals as the host nation which at the time set a record, broken in 2010 by Canada. So while everyone was days into the Games, theCoach knew Bilodeau was right… it was only the beginning… the beginning of history. With the most gold in history as the host-nation, the most gold for any country in the 2010 games and a Canadian record 26 total medals (previous high was 24 in Turin 06′), congratulations Canada! The Opening Ceremonies may have had a blunder or two, and there was a death in the luge before the Olympics even began but for the rest of your life, you will never forget watching The Great One light the torch, Alexandre Bilodeau capture that elusive home-soil gold at Cypress, the Canadian Women’s Hockey celebration or Joannie Rochette skating to the podium just days after her mom suddenly died of a heart attack as she arrived in Vancouver.

Vancouver 2010 opened the world’s eyes as to how beautiful a city Vancouver, British Columbia is, it gave Whistler Mountain the respect it so rightfully deserves (even if the weather didn’t always hold up) as it offers some of the most amazing and beautiful ski runs in the world. Not only Vancouver, not only British Columbia, but Canada as a whole benefited from hosting one of the greatest events in the history of our land, the true north strong and free… oh, and beer guzzlin’ gold medalists.

If you are Canadian, you have plenty to be proud of, which leaves only one thing to do… chugabeerandcelebratewitheveryone

Closing Ceremonies

*Ilanaaq the Inukshuk; his 15 minutes of fame has ended

The wrap-up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games will be at B.C. Place in front of 55,000 fans and it should be rather interesting to see how they approach the closing ceremonies with a domed stadium and the staple of these events being… fireworks. The good news is after seeing Wayne Gretzky run through the streets (as well as hitch a ride in the cab of a pick-up truck) in the pouring rain to light the flame, weather won’t be an issue, which is usually an unknown factor considering most Olympic Ceremonies are held outdoors. TheCoach sees it only one way, without the possibility of poor weather, the Vancouver Olympic Ceremonies Committee can explore new ideas and push new boundaries to close out the Games. Hopefully, they can find a way to make Celion Dion less annoying (don’t count on it) but there has been talk of “never-before seen” innovative technologies so if you aren’t one of the 55,000 to enjoy it up close and personal, find yourself a couch or make sure you DVR. The show won’t be cheap to put on and will showcase some of the biggest talents that Canada has to offer the world. Last month, out of pure curiosity, TheCoach tried to see what a pair of tickets went for and not only could I only find one ticket, but it was $2,350… Oh’ and if you want to say in the a suite at B.C. Place, you’ll have to have an extra $138,000 sitting around. Sounds like the B.C. Place, is the place to be.

Canadian Medalists

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  1. JR Salazar says:

    I should correct you on the first black Canadian athlete to win a medal: that honor belongs to Jarome Iginla, who earned it with Team Canada in 2002. Brown, however, is Canada’s first black FEMALE athlete to earn a medal.

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