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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Un-Bell-ievable: Why Canada’s Lacking Telecom Market Sucks For Consumers


There is no doubt in my mind that there are many Canadians, who, like me, feel cheated by our telecommunications providers. No matter what situation we find ourselves in we always end up getting the short end of the stick.

I don’t usually have an issue with the customer service agents; they are generally nice people just trying to do their jobs. I take issue with the corporate policies at the 3 major players in this country employ to keep prices up and limit our choices.

I recently broke my phone, and it’s of course no one’s fault but my own. So I popped my Bell sim card into my sister’s old Blackberry and away I went. One hiccup, my data won’t work since it’s provisioned for my broken Android device. You’d think that you could call up customer care and they could flip a switch and bam, you’re back in business. Nope, not possible. Apparently Bell just wants to screw you. I’m unlucky enough to have used Bell as my cell provider for the last 6 years, and I’m on a corporate plan, which has given me a 6GB a month data package (for an extra $30 of course). When I called in to ask if I could revert to a 6GB BlackBerry package, and in a few weeks when I have the money for a new device switch back over to Android, the lady on the other end was stumped. After a few minutes on hold she returned to the line to tell me that since the product was no longer offered I’d either have to lose my 6GB of data in favor of 1GB or stick it out without data until I get my new Android device.

Hold on a second, since I was 18 I’ve been paying Bell upwards of $75 a month for my cell service. $75×12=$900×6 =$5400… I’ve given you $5400 over the last 6 years and all you can tell me is, “Sorry, we don’t offer this feature anymore, so you’re out of luck.”


This is among the many reasons why everyone wants a major American player to enter our telecommunications market. We want competition to challenge Canadian companies to be better, so they stop screwing us, throw us a bone once an a while, and realize WE PAY THEIR SHAREHOLDERS THEIR DIVIDENDS.

It’s time we Canadian consumers get serious about our telecommunications market. The CRTC rolled out some long overdue changes that Bell, Rogers and Telus want to see rolled back. It’s time to let the free market roll and have these giants compete fairly. If these CEO’s are worth their pay packages they should saddle up and tackle the issue, not by waging a terrible PR campaign on their customers; but my getting ready to beat a new competitor.


It’s kinda like that…

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