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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: DC Comics’ Daring Villains

This week, despite still being a bit sick and out of it, I am bringing you a very integral addition to comic book month here at Lion’s Den U. How could anyone forget the comic giant DC universe… especially with the plethora of hot and sexy villains, a few of which I’ll be putting in the spotlight here! Remember, villains come first with me, because good girls finish last, as the cliché goes!

I wanna be a supervillainess! Sandbutt Girl!

Here we go, in no particular order, the Top Ten DC Comics’ Daring Villains:

1. Catwoman

Meow! Who hasn’t been enchanted by Catwoman’s prowess? She’s the Batman-kissing, anti-hero, evil-doing purr-fect beauty of DC. This feline is not only one of the most renowned DC supervillains of all time, she’s also one of the top ten most beautiful!

2. Cheetah

She's good, and she knows it!

Catwoman isn’t the only feline-esque supervillain birthed of the DC Universe, and she may also not be the best in bed, apparently! Cheetah is known as the archenemy of Wonder Woman. Imbued with superhuman speed and the power of the Cheetah, there’s no guessing the extent of trouble that this spotted beauty can get into!

3. Circe

Another Wonder Woman rival, Circe is a powerful and endlessly gorgeous villainous sorceress. Were I you, I would avoid hitting on this one, though… she seems to have taken a liking in turning humans into various animals. Maybe it’s worth becoming a Bestiamorph for a chance with her!

4. Killer Frost

Killer Frost is the codename of the two nearly identical DC Universe maidens, Crystal Frost and Dr. Louise Lincoln. How could these girls be so cold, yet so… hot!? Both of the beautiful icy twins use their abilities to manipulate frost and cold as their means of supervillain-ry! I bet they can grant a whole new meaning to “blue balls”!

5. Lady Shiva

Catwoman and Lady Shiva cat fighting!

Batman and Richard Dragon are two lucky SOBs to have encountered Lady Shiva! When you look at this list of super sexy villains, it doesn’t seem too hard of a job to be a crime-abolishing superhero anymore, does it? Lady Shiva doesn’t have many superhuman powers (or any, unless you include “reading body language” as a super power), but she is a master at martial arts, and one deadly assassin for hire!

6. Maxima

Maxima’s home of planet Almerac must be proud of their resident redhead hottie! This girl can do it all. Among her long list of supervillain abilities are: superhuman endurance, strength and speed, flight, telekenesis, hypnosis, and a plethora of other Superman-beating skills. She’s even known to tussle with the Green Lantern from time to time!

7. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is probably the name I hear on most occasions when men are talking about their favorite sultry supervillains! Batman and Robin can do little to stop her eco-terrorism… and I can’t blame them! She may be mean and green (and poisonous!), but that doesn’t stop her from being an occasional secret lover to Batman himself!

8. Roulette

You guys who’ve read my previous T4s know I have a thing for cute little Asian chicks… so Roulette is one I am excited to add to this comprehensive list! She’s powerless in terms of superhuman ability, but she is a genius who often uses her prowess with numbers and odds to wreak havoc in casinos and other forms of gambling. This thief will steal your money and your heart!

9. Star Sapphire

Power ring? What power ring? The Star Sapphire women may not be on Green Lantern’s side, but they’ve got a crystal that makes them just as good! Where do they get their looks? I’ve heard the ancient race of immortal Zamarons will only pick women who look this hot to become a Star Sapphire! Ok, that may be a lie, but I’ve got pretty undeniable proof, huh?

10. Harley Quinn

My last supervillainess is a no-brainer. Harley Quinn is not only my favorite, but she’s simply the sexiest bad girl of the DC Universe! How does such a naughty harlequin babe still manage to be so adorable!? This girl is not only wrapped around the finger of one of the most badass villains DC has ever printed in a comic book (The Joker), she’s also close to the gorgeous Poison Ivy. I bet those three have a crazy time together… and she’s immune to Ivy’s poisons too! Plus, she’s a blonde!

Until next week!

xoxo, Tara

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