Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

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Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Luscious Celebrity Lips

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Luscious Celebrity Lips

Lips are among my favorite attributes of a woman. I love them so much, I went and got a pair of my own! Not only are lips kissable, you can imagine them for other, much more naughty, things as well!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Hottest Music Videos

This week is all about the sexiest music videos, and the hottest singers, back-up dancers, and cute extras that make them up! These videos feature bare butts, barely covered boobs, shaking, gyrating, and everything else that makes content managers at YouTube slap on the big “age-restricted” sticker! I hope you all enjoy!

Let's re-cap week one... this is what I look like without it!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Musicians Without Makeup

Finally we are concluding our month-long semi-torture fest of the most beautiful women in the world without their non-comedogenic veils! This week is all about the musical maidens who look marvelous–or turn monsterous–without makeup!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Celebrities Without Makeup

As we blast along through the month of makeupless maidens, we stop a second to check out the hottest, weirdest, and maybe even the freakiest fresh-faced celebrities!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Make-up-less Supermodel Polaroids

Week two in the no makeup month series is all about supermodels and their Polaroids! Have you ever wondered what your favorite dolled-up Victoria’s Secret vixen looks like without all of the glitz and glam?

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Scariest Images of Tara Without Makeup

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Scariest Images of Tara Without Makeup

This month is babes without war paint month! I am bringing you actresses, supermodels, and “natural” beauties from all walks of life. Weather you just enjoy this look, or you’re curious what your favorite girls look like without, this month will definitely interest you! For week one, I’ll start with something closer to home… my makeupless images!

Here's a related image, to get you in the mood for the mood I am trying to set. Preemptive mood-setting, engaged!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Songs To F*ck To [Videos]

This week we’re talking about f***ing, not “making love”, or any other silly thing I know nothing of, and the songs that provide the best mood for the deed!

It doesn't take overly expensive designer dresses to make me look like a model! It takes boobs, I mean, skill!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Images of Tara at MLG Anaheim

My months are never, ever four weeks long, are they!? Well, this week, for the fifth week of video game month, I am bringing you a taste of my favorite attended event to date: MLG Anaheim! If you’re a nerd, eSports is your NBA and MLB, and is one of the only ways to meet other gamers, and get live event excitement!

No, I didn't make it myself, but I OWNED that tube dress!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Images Of Tara At E3!

Hmm… how would one go about topping the epic-est of epic last three weeks of video game month? How can I better this month, and your experience of it, you ask? What would possibly be better than gamer babes, babes in games, and sexy cosplay? Well, images of me at E3, of course!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Pictures of Girls Gaming

Moving along with the sexy gaming month I will be showing you some extra hot images of girls gaming, or posing with controllers and whatnot. Gaming is a hobby that is very close to my heart, but… so is checking out hot babes! Let’s combine these two extraordinary hobbies of mine into one super-powered T4! You are welcome, and you owe me one.

Here's my first contribution!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Creative Cosplay Cuties

What, you don’t think I can out do myself this week? Well, think about girls with as little clothes on as possible, who spent hours using their intelligent, creative minds to craft something unique… and then to top it off it’s somehow gaming-related! Go cosplay, you sexy, sexy concept, you!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Perky Pixelated Game Girls

How is it possible to follow up such an epic month of T4s like Tara Month? Well, video games, of course! This month is all about video games, gaming, and eSports, and all the sexiness and badassery that is involved!

What's my favorite activity while I am waiting for set up to finish on set? Phone pics!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Phenomenal Tara Babcock Phone Pics [80 Picture Gallery]

The final week of Tara month might just be the best so far! Not only am I offering all the readers here a place to check out the top hottest phone camera images I’ve ever posted to Twitter, I’m also compiling a gallery because, as we all know, there’s no way to pick just 10! […]

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Most Pointless Tara Babcock Videos

Choo-ing along down the Tara Babcock month train, whatever that may look like, is this week’s Tara topic! Now, up until recently, my whole YouTube account has been used only for listening to music that was not on Spotify, uploading the stray modeling behind-the-scenes video I was given a copy of, and one other thing: Pointless Tara Babcock Videos!

A bonus horizontal underboob shot!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten – Tara Babcock Underboob Shots [40 Picture Gallery]

Moving on to week number two in Tara month brings us to one of my most important features; my magnificent underboob! For those of you who are not familiar with my many underboob images, and crazy event attire, open your eyes wide! This may be the undoing of regular cleavage!

And I hope you enjoy the extra Tara gallery along your path to enlightenment! Some people are very visual learners, you know!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons Why Tara Babcock is Better Than Porn!

I was recently inspired to write a T4 on this topic when a fan asked me, “why should I pay for your website when I can find actual porn for free online, what do you have to offer?” It’s a very valid question; why do people pay to join my non-nude website and support me, when they can Google search nude or porn and obtain thousands of raunchy images and videos for free? We’ll I’ll tell you why!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Quad-Riding Cuties

Well, everyone loved car month so much, I thought I would supplement it with some babes with ATVs! It’s kind of related to car month, right? These things are vehicles! They vroom-vroom and swerve around just like any other ground transportation… right?

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Biker Beauties

I bet you all are wondering what I have in store for the last Top Ten of Car month! We covered badass classic hot rods, girls discovering speed in drag and drift cars, and even modern machines, but this week is all about the bikes! Motorcycles, technically, may not be cars per se, but they can replace them as your vehicle of choice any day!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Maidens of Modern Machinery

Last week we took a look at the most amazing of classic hot rod-plus-girl pictures. Week three of car month is all about the beauty that is high-end four-wheel modern machinery! Of course there will be a beautiful girl in, on, or around these technological advancements as well! Take a look!

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to pose with any classics yet, so this will have to do for my addition!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Hot Babes With Hot Rods

Moving on to week two of my girls with cars month here at Lion’s Den University, I’d like to introduce to you ten of the best images of girls with classic cars.

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Girls Discovering Speed (NSFW Video)

I’d like to be the first to introduce you all at Lion’s Den University to my hot chicks with cars month! One of my more unspoken passions is cars. We all love hot girls, but we also love to see the fine craftsmanship of a beautiful piece of machinery!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Bodacious Bond Girls

This week is all about honoring the top ten girls who bested all of those attributes with elegance. These women put the “OH!” in 007!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Historic DC Comics Heroine Hotties

This week is all about the beautiful, bodacious, and busty superhero women of the DC Comics Universe. What I love most about DC heroines is that there are a ton of blondes that are just my type… plus the extra special superhuman powers and such! What more can you ask? These girls are out saving the day and still have time to look good!

I wanna be a supervillainess! Sandbutt Girl!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: DC Comics’ Daring Villains

This week, despite still being a bit sick and out of it, I am bringing you a very integral addition to comic book month here at Lion’s Den U. How could anyone forget the comic giant DC universe… especially with the plethora of hot and sexy villains, a few of which I’ll be putting in […]

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Marvel Comics Superhero Sirens

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Marvel Comics Superhero Sirens

If you didn’t already assume from last week’s installment of marvelous Marvel beauties from the dark side, this week is all about the super angels that inhabit the Marvel universe. They may be aligned with the light, good side, but I bet they’re anything but in between the sheets! Good girls are just naughty ones that don’t get caught, right?

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Mischievous Marvel Comics Villains

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to start off my comic book babe tributes with a set of villains. Well, let’s face it, if I were part of the Marvel universe and I had super powers, chances are they would be used to aid the dark side!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Stunning Musical Starlets

This week’s girls are musically gifted and incredibly beautiful! Not only do they shine on stage because of their lungs, dancing talent, and showmanship, they’re also some of the best eye-candy in the business! I’d love to have a poster of each of them, even if I don’t necessarily like their genre of music!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: British Glamour Beauties

Since I’ve already covered my field with our “Hottest Glamour Models” edition, I thought I would broaden my horizon with the top glamour girls from other countries! This week, we’re taking a peek at Great Britain to see what makes them so… great! Nope, it’s not their sexy accents, either!

What if I stopped avoiding acting like the plague, and scored some Hollywood roles?

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Awe-Inspiring Actresses

Everyone loves to watch movies. Whether it’s a comedy, action-adventure, or a thought-intensive thriller, beautiful actresses make us want to keep watching! Although they have to have a certain “look” that is believeable for many roles, the following babes blow us away every time! Here’s my list of absolute favorite Hollywood hotties!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Victoria Secret Vixens

One of the greatest inventions in the modern world, for men and women alike, is the lingerie company, Victoria’s Secret.

I wonder how much I would make if I was in that industry!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Most Provocative Pornstars

Everyone has their favorites, their most watched women, men, even animals (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my text…)! This week is all about my pornstar picks… and it’s a “no boys allowed” zone!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Prettiest Playboy Playmates

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Prettiest Playboy Playmates

Like every other cute teenage girl, I once dreamed of being a Playboy centerfold. Gracing the pages of the most popular men’s magazine in history, attending parties, and being treated like a princess! Although my career plans have changed, and I am not swayed by my adolescent aspirations for the ultimate bragging rights, I still have a deep appreciation for Playboy and what they have done for the industry that I love.

Not that it's not amazing to do around water!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Worst Places To Have Sex

Last week I went over the absolute best places to have sex, but this time I thought I would make a complete three-sixty turn and talk about those places that seem so awesome, convenient, and adventurous, but in actuality, really, really suck!

Because the bed can get just so damn old... if you're not with the right girl!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Best Places To Have Sex

Sex, in its most basic state, is already one of my top favorite topics, as well as activities. What could make this worldwide hobby even more attractive, you ask!? Fun, creative (let’s not forget effective) locations!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Fitness Model Favorites

Now, before you start thinking I am referring to female bodybuilders and begin running for the hills, perish the thought! These fit girls are far from men! From their firm, curvy glutes, chiseled abs and sculpted legs, bouncy breasts and shapely arms, these girls are one-hundred percent real women!

xoxo, Tara

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Hottest Glamour Models

I love girls, girls love me, but when I think of the world’s hottest, it’s more of a science to me. Not only does she have to have a killer body, she has to have an extremely attractive, symmetrical and visually pleasing… face!

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons To Check Out Tara’s Top Ten Every Week

Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons To Check Out Tara’s Top Ten Every Week

I’d like to introduce you all to my new weekly feature, Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten here on Lion’s Den University! This will be a quick, fun, to the point, but most importantly, sexy, glimpse at all of the mens’ interest topics, straight from my chest to your computer screen.

LDU’s Monday Morning Mistress: Tara Babcock [11.28.11]

LDU’s Monday Morning Mistress: Tara Babcock [11.28.11]

Being beautiful is one thing, and having a fabulously stunning figure is another, but when a woman knows what she wants, voices it, and then goes and gets it, nothing is sexier. You want someone a little fierce? Look no further than Tara Babcock.