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Class Notes - 03/23/17

03/23/17 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

RIP [Shut Down By Operation In Our Sites]

Looking for a replacement? Here are

5 Sites Like Ninja Video [RIP]

So I’ve been online for several hours straight tonight and I noticed 2 people’s Facebook statuses change to “RIP NinjaVideo” and I of course thought it was a hoax. Ninja Video and websites like it have been around for centuries years without much effective resistance from the powers that be. However, this time it seems that the United States government as well as a coalition of Hollywood’s greatest douchebags have decided to shut down,,,,,,,, and (reports PC Blog). So it looks like the rumours are true and this isn’t simply a server error… womp.

The coalition is lead by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, in conjunction with said Hollywood douchbags, and this particular operation has been dubbed “Operation In Our Sites” which is a name so cleverly awesome that I hate whoever is behind this that much more.

Look, we get it: Stealing is wrong, blah blah, PA’s and set designers aren’t getting paid enough, blah blah, but where does it end? It’s not like there isn’t ANY money coming in for these movies. The problem is the DISTRIBUTION of funds. Check out the Rotten Tomato’s box office listing in a week and tell me if the movie industry is suffering because a MINORITY of people would rather stream Eclipse than pay another 15 bucks to watch the movie of the book they’ve read 6 times (not me, I’m NOT talking about me dammit). No sir, rather than spend time and effort shutting down a few sites, I think that these government agencies should take a look at the ACTUAL impact streaming media has on film revenue and maybe seek to regulate how such funds are distributed. Salary caps exist in most professional sports. Let’s cap Robert Pattinson’s payout and give some sound technicians a Christmas bonus or something and leave the interweb out of it.

For more depressing news and developments check out the LA Times …long live monkeyfighters! 24 hours streaming media, all day everyday! Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

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  1. zapkoolaid42 says:

    AHA! I found the article. Well, an article. It’s not as in-depth as the one I initially read, but check it out:

    It links to plenty of supporting documents, mainly from the US Government Accountability Office.

  2. wannasaveamerica says:


    ty for the thoughtful reply…i will get back to you when I’m not at work

  3. Wannasave? says:

    Time Warner lost the cash, and I’m an idiot because I buy things I already got for free. That was one of many anecdotal examples As a side note TW still gets the Internet fee, so the Warner’s hit is somewhat negligible.

    No need to attack, I believe artists should be paid for their work. I was simply using the one CD a month model you illustrated earlier. Multiply that out.

    What it really comes down to is Toy Story 3 was apparantly the last straw.

  4. kandy22 says:

    I feel so lost without ninjavideo! I hate keeping up with tv shows and airing dates. I actually have a life so the convenience of going to one WELL organized video site and seeing what I want when I want was a blessing. I have no idea where to look for a show that even shadows what ninjavideo had to offer. I am so bummed and shouldn’t the U.S. department of immigration worry about ow I don’t know… immigration! If they were the ones behind the seize.

  5. Wannasave? says:

    When the industry introduced the VCR they should have seen the writing on the wall. Same with recordable cassettes. Copying was encouraged. Why? Seriously, why would they want copying of intellectual property? They set in motion this inevitable shift.

    Reread or listen to the NV manifesto. Camera bootlegs aside, the leaked academy screeners and pre-air television is hitting the Net thanks to persons very close to the source. Punishing NV and its community is a complete waste of money, time and energy, regardless of personal beliefs about infringement of copyright.

  6. wannasaveamerica says:


    I appreciate you taking the time to provide those links but let’s face it…those figures are over 8 years old and even during the early stages of broadband there were signs of softness in the market.

    Remember Tower Records, Virgin Megastore, Blockbuster Music, Sam Goody?

    Now I understand that these are sad iconic symbols of the once mighty ancient paradigm but how can you not recognize that an industry that could support thousands of stores and provide thousands of jobs has perhaps slightly if not markedly contracted.

    Ever heard the expression that the publishing industry’s billions has become Craiglist’s millions?

    It simply means that a newer, more efficient business model has replaced the larger more unwieldly brick and mortar model.

    Is this a good thing?…sure in some ways…many goods on ebay, amazon and other online sites are now sold at the best possible price and have cut out the middle man.

    Never have our purchasing capabilities been more accessible and efficient and goods we once paid for at ridiculous markups at small shops are now available at optimal prices at the major hubs.

    Publishing billions have become Craiglist’s millions.

    The flipside of this coin however, is that instead of having thousands of small businesses run by thousands of small business owners…because of the Walmart effect of the internet hubs we no longer need any small shops and in most cases we just order from one of these big online retailers.

    As I said my original blog entry…in the not too distant future we will have Google, Apple, Ebay, Amazon, Netflix/Hulu and a few other hubs for cars or real estate…then the rest will be nail salons, froyo shops, massage parlors, convenience stores, coffee houses, gyms and restaurants.

    My prediction is that the new paradigm will destroy most small business and create these online conglomerates that will eventually destroy net neutrality and dominate the virtual world completely.

    Wealth that was more evenly distributed among thousands of shops will now be in the hands of these superhubs.

    Why do you think unemployment is so hard to solve?

    I’ve heard some people say that jobs will simply blossom in the new paradigm but many of these will simply be outsourced to cheaper more competent workers in China and India that tend to excel at tech sector jobs and eventually even their jobs will largely replaced by computer programs that can do the work themselves.

    I would be quite happy about all of this if the wealth generated by this ultra efficient organism would be distributed to the general populace but my guess is that it will stubbornly remain in hands of the few lucky stockholders that have amassed wealth and shares in these few companies.

    I see a few visionaries like Jobs and Gates having even greater wealth and the rest of the populace working the sweatshop jobs that we can no longer afford to outsource since we have been overtaken by countries that we used to look upon with disdain.

    When you have kids…would you tell them to be a writer? a film director?, a journalist?, a composer?, a game designer?

    Why would you?…these will soon be hobbies not jobs in the new economy

    Would you tell them to open an online book store, music store, video store, game store?

    Of course not because it would be impossible to gain a competitive advantage over google or hulu or anyone with huge pockets.

    In the old paradigm you could dream of creating such a store.

    All you can do at this point is learn a trade like physical therapy, nursing, teaching…something not so easily replaced by online surrogates…but most of these careers are subsidized or financed by government funds…funds that will be much more scarce because of the efficiency of the internet.

    Publishing industry’s billions have become Craiglist’s millions.

    You seem like a good guy Zap…as do some of the others with whom I’ve conversed over the last few days but I think you’re naive about how well this will play out.

    The internet is the new opiate of the masses and while all of us are taking huge hits off of this pipe…the Googles of the world are slowly taking over.

  7. Dan The Man says:

    The guy was agreeing with you.

  8. wannasaveamerica says:


    He was agreeing with the outcome not the effect.

  9. ninjawillbeback says:

    the replacement links are also shutdown.

  10. NateBlack says:

    No. They’re still up. check them out here –>

  11. Wannasavetheworld says:

    when the anti pirates closes a door, the pirates will make three more

    it’s still possible to access mega video content via other websites

  12. wannasaveamerica says:

    Something tells me once the video stores are finally gone and physical media is phased out and Verizon and Time Warner are the last men standing…

    all of a sudden when their competition is gone and they are the last ones selling their six dollar video on demand they will magically discover that they’ve known how to stop piracy all along.

    Or we’ll all be able to steal forever and never pay for anything again.

    Hmmmm…which fairy tale seems the most plausible?

  13. Swag Codes says:

    Ohhh my god… Goodbye … Thanks for all the fun that you guys have shared… = (

  14. jubri says:

    the main site may be gone but ninja is not dead!
    the community lives on
    stop by and say hello!

  15. motogp34 says:

    they should have just stuck with the TV shows, posting big hit movies was just STUPID !!! not to mention they looked like shit…

  16. bingobingo says:

    go to it’s the same as ninja

  17. C-Litty says:

    so bauce thank you lionsden

  18. Jack says:

    Those cunts! Get a real job you bored bastards. Our lives saving what few cents we have is officially over.

  19. liddad says:

    NinjaVideo Forum is still open and as amazing as ever! And now, our new store is open!! We have some amazing, fun, and straight up stylish designs in shop, so be sure to check it out!

    This is one way that you can contribute to the defense fund, and support Ninjavideo’s fight. So promote us in style and snatch up some primo threads.

    To Visit the Store:

    To inquire about custom orders/designs contact us here:

    Please, help us raise the legal costs required to stop the bullshit from the US government.

  20. Martin says:

    RIP ninjavideo, you will be missed…


  21. Jparcjr1 says:

    Damn the Obama Administration this is total BS, I Used to use Ninjavideo all the time but lately since I havent had a reliable connection I have used the site. Iam pissed at CBS, ABC and NBC for not allowing to watch vids off there site due to where I live (Canada). When will this Bull SHit end.

  22. Canda Eh says:

    Typical move of the AMERICANS!!!! Could they make things any worse than they do already. Always want to step on the little guys actions, Shutting down will just open up new ones. RIP Ninjavideo

  23. Randy says:

    I don’t get it? Our friend the US Government has shut down sites OUTSIDE of the USA? How? I am a Canadian working in Japan, and am pretty sure that I should be able to access a European site (e.g., run out of some location in a Baltic state?

    This from a nation that criticizes the Chinese “great firewall”?

    Isn’t this a little like the former senator Jessie Helms telling Canadians we can’t conduct trade with Cuba, but overlooking the minor point that we are not part of nor ever will be part of USA?

    Ignorance can be cured with education; stupidity is forever ;-)

  24. Carson Lawes says:

    It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

  25. Tennis_In_Style says:

    That’s just a bummer!!! And I thought I could catch up on Gossip Girl new season. pffffft. Well despite the sad news, on the bright side, your post was witty and fun to read.

    RIP NinjaVideo.Net

    Thank you for all the great hours of “free” entertainment.

  26. [...] few months ago we posted an article issuing the official death certificate of, and now it appears we may have to do the same for as is seems they have also gone the [...]

  27. fairly beneficial material, on the whole I picture this is worthy of a book mark, cheers

  28. Andra Reho says:

    China quality control needs some rework its a mess.

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