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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Paris Roxanne Is Orange County’s Angie Varona [Gallery]

Update 1: That isn’t Tim Lincecum, it’s Luiz “Give Me A Million Dollars” Lins aka Twincecum.

Update 2: 100 Moar Photos Of Paris Roxanne

Every so often I stumble upon a girl that someone claims is “The New Angie Varona,” and for obvious reasons Paris Roxanne has now been added to that roster. I have seen her around Tumblr a few times, but it wasn’t until I noticed she was Chive-spotted (#17) that I started paying attention to this 22-year-old Orange County native (October 11, 1990).

Not too much else is known about her, other than that she fits the “New Angie” profile, she’s a San Francisco Giants fan, there are a bunch of fake Facebook accounts out there under the name Paris Roxanne and Marine Camillia, the latter of which has caused the interweb to wonder which one is her real name. Strangely, she’s also linked to the name “ParisNCasey” where you’ll find photos of her and some douchebag. Weird.

She likes baseball (go Giants!), comic books, dubstep and taking photos of herself, so I’m already half in love, but it’s essentially all for naught, because Paris is madly in love with San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, who is allegedly the d-bag she’s seen with in those photos and is also not really a douchebag at all (he smokes weed and wins Cy Young awards). I gathered all that from a combination of the photos, Paris’ posts on his fanpage herehere and here (making this her real Facebook account), as well as this Twitition she made to get a date with him a few years ago. Maybe she finally stalked him into submission! Who knows?

Anyway, if you’re wondering whether or not there are any nudes floating around the interweb, the answer is a “yes,” as long as these imguranonib and Tumblr links stay up (NSFW).

There’s a Facebook fanpage for Paris that she allegedly admins with some others (the real account has posted on the page), but other than that we’ll just have to wait and see if she launches a modeling/acting career out of this, or convinces Lincecum to marry her. Only time will tell, but until then we have these photons!

While you’re here check out Neta Alchamister (Israel’s Angie Varona) and the previous “New Angie” Jamilya Damon.

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  1. Ron says:

    That’s not Tim Lincecum, its his “doppelganger”, Luiz Lins or however you spell it. He has videos up on YouTube begging Tim to give him a million bucks. He’s some foreign cab driver and the closest thing “Paris” can get to the real tim lincecum

  2. Robin says:

    Well….it looks like he’s still doin’ alright.

  3. jason says:

    10/10. Extremely attractive. definitely

  4. Jack says:

    Keep doing the tongue biting thing. THAT IS SO SEXY.

    Mind, the rest of you is just so beautiful, and energetic

  5. Kimi says:

    Her face is only a little bit above average, with the make up. Without it, she’s kinda funny looking.

    I’m just saying this to point out that Angie Varona is in a different league in terms of beauty. This girl just has big tits and a nice body. Angie has the full package.

  6. grace says:

    the guy she was with in those pictures is not timmy. luiz lins is a cab driver in san francisco who looks like timmy and has gotten a lot of publicity for it. paris was madly obsessed with timmy and she dated luiz because they looked alike. but paris is extremely angry that timmy allegedly has a girlfriend now so she’s rooting for the tigers in the world series. this is the factual information that i know without my included opinion about paris which could be taken offensively.
    by the way those tattoos and scrawny arms should have been a clue that the guy she was with isn’t timmy. they also did a g-mag episode on csn bay area about luis considering that so many people thought he was tim.

  7. [...] up; so reigns true of the hyper-sexualized attention starved girl on teh intarwebz. her name is paris roxanne  and she’s based out of orange county. don’t worry, the pics are SFW and she’s [...]

  8. Chuchumengo says:

    The last one pic the man have a cock up.

  9. Patton says:

    Tim Lincecum can get hot ass like this….. but hot ass who isn’t batshit crazy……

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