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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

MegaUpload Is Down: DNS “Seizure” Cripples Another Titan [Update: DNS Fix]

The detailed theory and explanation below (Torrent Freak) indicate that our beloved should be up and running again soon, unless there is more legal action at play in the future. Either their system is being tampered with, or this is a legitimate error, but the end result is the same- MegaUpload is dowwwwwn. This website recommends that using Google’s public DNS server ( might be a temporarily solution. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe posted this walk through on how you can do this:

Switching DNS settings on Windows

If you are on a Windows computer do as follows steps to setup your DNS settings using Google public DNS and fix your connection to Megaupload:

Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet [View network status and tasks] -> Change adapter settings, right click on a connection -> Properties -> Internet protocol version 4 -> Properties

Now enter as preferred: and as alternative:

Switching DNS settings on a Mac (Apple) computer

If you have a Apple computer follow these steps to switch to Google DNS service and fix your connection to

System Prefrences -> Network -> Advanced (near to bottom right of the window) -> DNS

Now enter and in the left column.

If you’re too lazy you to do any of that you should probably try streaming from one of these sites:

5 Sites Like Ninja Video

Make no mistake, the biggest entertainment companies in the world do not like file-hosting site MegaUpload.

Currently the huge cyberlocker resides on the destroy-them-all SOPA-directed “rogue site” list of the MPAA alongside The Pirate Bay. The site hasn’t gone unnoticed by the RIAA either. MegaUpload is on their list too, sandwiched between the leading torrent sites and warez forums.

So given this background, particularly when viewed through the prism of the ‘Cyber Monday’ domain seizures, it’s hardly surprising that panic set in yesterday when MegaUpload suddenly failed to load for many people all around the world, not just for a few minutes but for hours on end and into today. The site is reported to be back up for some, but Twitter and other networks are awash with complaints that the problems are continuing.

Speculation on the downtime is rife, but it appears that MegaUpload has problems with its domain registrar. At the time of writing, MegaUpload’s current DNS records as reported byNetwork Tools are listed as and It’s unclear why the IP address listed ( belongs to Google.

One of the common causes of this kind of DNS diversion is when domain registrars doubt that the provided WHOIS details for a domain are correct, so they ‘hijack’ the DNS records to prevent the domain resolving to the correct site. In 2009, MegaUpload sister site MegaVideo suffered similar problems but eventually returned after downtime.

TorrentFreak has put a request into MegaUpload for comment, but while we wait for the official response it seems clear that the problems have been massive. Right across the United States into Europe, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil and UK, no area seems to have been unaffected.

For many the site remains down even now, providing an interesting taster of what SOPA has in store should it pass. Some reports suggest that switching to Google’s DNS provides a solution to the problem, others that using one of the site’s many IP addresses ( for example) is a better option.

In the meantime the conspiracy theories will continue. Did MegaUpload’s registrar hijack the DNS over a simple WHOIS detail error? Or perhaps the “trolls” warned about here laid some poison down for the site, or maybe there’s another more simple explanation?

When we get official word from MegaUpload we’ll report back – the AMA request on Reddit would be fun, but we doubt it will go answered.

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