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Class Notes - 03/31/17

03/31/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Masuka’s Daughter Niki (Madison Burge) Is A Babe [21 Photo Salute]


I did not pay too much attention to Niki Watson, played by Madison Burge, when she made her debut on Showtime’s Dexter as Vince Masuka‘s long lost daughter, because there was a lot going on that episode, but we got to see a lot more of her this weekend, and she has certainly caught my eye. Masuka-laugh aside, she is cute as hell, and according to IMDB she’ll be featured in a number of episodes this season, so I decided we should get to know Maddie Burge a little better!

Born Dora Madison Burge, this actress was born in Hutto, Texas and is best known for her role as Becky Sprole on Friday Night Lights, as well as a brief role as Lexi Samuels on The Lying Game. She got her start in the industry after appearing in a few short films before signing on with FNL, and still enjoys participating in independent projects, like Slash, Humans vs Zombies and Exists.

We have our fingers crossed that we’ll see “a lot more” of Niki as the season goes on, but we’ll have to wait and see how her story will unfold. It is Dexter after all, so I’m guessing that she’s hiding something devious.

Check out the preview for episode 6 below, and enjoy our 21 photo salute to Niki Watson-Masuka!

YouTube Preview Image

Madison’s Twitter | Dexter Website | Dexter Twitter | Dexter Fanpage

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