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Class Notes - 03/31/17

03/31/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Lion’s Den U Reviews The 2012 UWO USC Campaign Videos

We’ve entered into another election season at UWO, and now that we’re aware of the candidates I figured we should critique what has become one of the most pivotal aspects of the USC elections- The Campaign Video. I think it was Emily Rowe that once said “Shit guys, we should make a kick-ass video” (paraphrased); since then every candidate worth their salt has learned the value of having an epic campaign video, and followed suit. Last year Forgione came out with a big one, but what many of you don’t know is that presidential rival, Omid, had a few amazing videos of his own that managed to fly under the radar.


Check out Omid’s lost gems, and let us know how you think this year’s videos measure up to those of year’s passed.

Don’t Vote For Omid Salari

YouTube Preview Image

Smartest Video Ever

YouTube Preview Image

Adam Fearnall

 YouTube Preview Image

If I were to pick a favourite video from this year (which I’m not) it might be this one (but it isn’t), not because it’s unique (because it’s not), but because it feels like a political campaign video. It picks a visual theme and stays with it; it has an interesting soundtrack; it features many on campus locations that students can relate to and love; and it has a message demonstrating the character of the candidate and why students should vote for them. Is it perfect? No. The image flashes should have been a bit slower, to prevent viewers from going into epileptic shock, and the message itself was ok at best, but nothing revolutionary. If anything I would have made it funnier, to inspire repost value, but days after release it has the most views, so what do I know?

Views – 15,000 Feb 3

Wins for – Best editing

Claire McArthur (Website)

YouTube Preview Image

It’s almost unfair to some of these other videos that I played Adam’s first, because a lot of these were better in certain ways while missing out on other things completely. Claire’s video is one such example. It’s entertaining as far as videos go (it has some of the very popular “walking clip” elements that almost all of the videos this year feature), but it comes off as more of a promo video for Claire’s wonderful awesome life, than it does a presidential candidate. What did we learn about Claire as a candidate from this video? She loves to party; she knows some cool people; she’s pro at secret handshakes; and she can teach us how to Dougie. This is all well and good, but it was a bit light on the message of why students should vote for her. It appeals to a particular demographic, but will likely leave other students shrugging… unless they want line bypass at Jim Bob’s.

Views – 7,000 Feb 3

Wins for – Best use of cool points

Logan Ross (Website)

YouTube Preview Image

Ah yes, young Logan Ross. She doesn’t have much experience in official USC affairs, but the girl’s got moxie (whatever that means). If this election was a beauty pageant she would win, but it’s not so this race is going to be an uphill battle. In terms of video, this was a dynamic approach (playing off a popular Google commercial) that inspired a lot of Purple Pride in it’s opener, and eventually allowed Logan to get her message across. That message? Well, while the other candidates preach about how much things need to change, Logan would remind us that a lot of great work was done this year and future leadership shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water, but keep the baby and get it some Nike shoes, and maybe teach it how to breakdance… or something. The video did get a bit preachy, so repost value is on the low end, but it’s definitely a video that her supporters will be proud to share.

Views – 8,000 Feb 3

Wins for – Best use of platform

Jon Silver (Website)

YouTube Preview Image

If I were going to pick a favourite candidate The parallels between Adam Fearnall’s and Jon Silver’s video are hard to ignore. They both employ the “walking clip” style of video (along with Claire’s), with Adam’s of course staying more true to the theme. Jon’s includes a bit more variety, which is easier on the eyes for some, but less cohesive for others- It’s just a matter of opinion. Once again comparing it directly to Adam’s, the video itself leans a little more on the cool factor and less on the act of conveying a message. Whether or not people like these videos because it helps them get a better idea of the candidate’s character or their actual platform, is simply a matter of opinion.

Views – 10,000 Feb 3

Wins for – Best soundtrack

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