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There are several things that can

LDU’s Monday Morning Mistress: Rose Chiauzzi [03.18.13]

While her name may have some new found fame thanks to her appearance on MTV’s Catfish, don’t think Rose Chiauzzi wasn’t on the path to success long before she played with the minds and hearts of men online.

Rose Chiauzzi 2

Originally from New York, and now residing in Los Angeles, California, Rose is 100% Italian and it certainly shows in her dark sexy features. While most people at first glance think she’s all looks, don’t be fooled, because Rose studied Computer Information Systems… aka she’s a nerd.

Having appeared in TeaseUm, Chulo Magazine, Bullz-eye and OYE Magazine, Rose decided to enter into Playboy Miss Social for August 2012 and ended up taking home the crown in her first attempt. She also landed some time on air with The Playboy Morning Show.

Originally airing on January 7th 2013, Rose was on the show MTV Catfish. It’s pretty much like Manti Teo Reality TV – aka - a show about online dating and how the internet can be used to “fool” someone into thinking you’re someone that you’re not. Rose played the Catfish.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Joe from New York, met someone who he thought was the girl of his dreams, Kari Ann from California, but worried that she was not being completely honest. They ‘dated’ online for 3 months and Kari Ann had claimed to have won Miss Teen USA in 2003. The profile turned out to be one of many by Rose, someone Joe had known for quite a while.

Sneaky as fuck? Yes, but something she admits she loves to do. There were also a few other interesting things she admitted in our interview: she hooked up with a guy at a park on top of a hill where people could see it go down, and prefers the bottom… you may just want to read this interview before skipping to the impressive gallery.

Check Out More Rose At Her: 
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Interview with Rose

Who are you?

Rose Chiauzzi from NY, and I’m 100 percent Italian! ; )

What 5 words best describe you?

Spontaneous, unforgettable, passionate, loveable, and fun.

Where and what did you study in school?

I studied Computer Information Systems – I know, a little nerdy, but nerds can be hot too!!!

How and when did you get into modeling?

My friend was in the modeling industry, and she introduced me to some high end photographers.

What was it like to be crowned Playboy Miss Social for August 2012?

It was so exciting to be crowned PBMS! I couldn’t believe that I had actually won my first month running.

You have also been on the Playboy Morning Show. Can you tell us about that?

The Playboy Morning Show was a blast!!! I had so much fun on the air. I would do it again if I had the chance!

Having attended the “Shoot for the Centerfold” event in Las Vegas, do you think that may have been the most beneficial part of your career, with the contacts you made?

It was def a step in the right direction, that’s for sure! I met all the top Playboy photographers and a few really down to earth Playmates as well!!

Rose Chiauzzi 5

What was it like being put in the Red Carpet event with them? Did you ever expect that?

It was very exciting having to get to go on the Red Carpet for their event – I would have never expected that honestly.

So, we’re assuming if Hef called tomorrow you’d be posing nude in the pages of Playboy?

Oh, hell yeah!

For those who don’t know, can you tell them about MTV Catfish and your involvement with it?

Its a show about online dating, and how the internet can be used to “fool” someone into thinking you’re someone that you’re not – I fooled a guy into thinking I was someone else, but he totally deserved it, because he degrades women!!!

You’ve been featured in Chulo Magazine, Bullz-eye, TeaseUm and OYE Magazine. Does one stand our as your favourite, or most memorable?

TeaseUm for sure! I always had a blast on their trips – We always traveled to exotic top notch places, and there’s never a dull moment when you’re shooting with them.

If we pressed play on your iPod right now, what would we most likely hear?

Dubstep, pop, hip hop, rap, and techno!

Rose Chiauzzi 3

What do you like most about your body? What do you think men like most?

I like my abs, and I think guys would say my boobs

What turns you on?

Kissing passionately and a nice massage.

What turns you off?

A hairy body and someone that is really cocky and conceited.

Where’s the craziest or riskiest place you’ve ever hooked up with someone?

At a park on top of a hill, where people could see us!

Top or Bottom?


Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, how many and where?

I have my belly button pierced and my ears.

Do you have any final words for your fans and the readers of Lions Den U?

I love all my supporters, and I would be nothing without you all!!

Thanks Rose!

Photos Courtesy: Rose Chiauzzi, Tease Em, Chulo, Bullz-eye and OYE.

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