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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

LDU’s Monday Morning Mistress: Denise Milani [02.03.14]


Denise Milani (born Denise Trlica) is a 33 year old Czech model that currently lives in Los Angeles, and has ridden the wave of online modeling trends to become one of the most recognized in the industry.

Denise moved from the Czech Republic when she was 21 while training to be a physiotherapist, but instead decided to become a full time model. She was discovered on 2005 as a featured model in SportsbyBrooks, and signed her first contract shortly afterwards.

Her accolades include Miss Bikini World 2007, being ranked 89th in the to 99 most desirable by AskMen in 2010, top 10 on Maxim’s list in 2013, and the honeytrap in a cocaine smuggling scandal in 2012… or something.

Ok, so Denise’s past has been a point of contention for some time (her Wikipedia page gets edited and deleted constantly), but with all natural 34Fs and the will to overcome all obstacles she has experienced nothing but success in the past, and I would expect nothing less in the future.

Check out some of her best photos below, and stalk follow her through the web!

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  1. Wow! Denise Milani is one stunning icon of a beauty!

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