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Class Notes - 03/31/17

03/31/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Jacky’s Sass: 7 Types Of Facebook Pictures That Destroy Employment


The Internet is an amazing thing; the world is perpetually at your fingertips (if you have WiFi that is). However, when online it is an important rule-of-thumb to remember that everybody else has the internet too. Ergo, whatever you post to the internet is readily available for anyone who is looking – including potential or current employers. If there is one thing that will destroy your chances after a great interview, or risk the status of your current job, it is a quick internet search. This week Jacky’s Sass lists 7 types of pictures one should avoid posting on any type of website or social media – that is, if you care to be employable.

1. Pictures that give away how you look naked


Sometimes, when it comes to impressing an employer, less can be more. And if interviews are your first impression, Social Media accounts are definitely your second. If you wouldn’t come shirtless to your interview, I wouldn’t suggest posting shirtless pictures online. Especially if your underwear is wet and you have a hairy back. Making your boss shudder is not a good approach.

2. Pictures that show you have no friends


Try and avoid posting pictures that show your lack of social skills, like ones of you hugging your video games, or you with your 856 cats. These type of images may have your employer second-guessing how well you’ll fit in at the office, because nobody wants to see another cute picture of “your cats dressed like people”, or have to cover another shift so you can hit up the “Atari Games Enthusiasts Convention”.

3. Pictures that highlight your excessive compulsive disorder


One question you can always expect to hear during an interview is “list your three weaknesses” , to which many answer: “Well, I’m a bit of a perfectionist”. For the most part, the perfectionist route will work like a charm. However, there are certain images that will show employers that you will do absolutely anything to get what you want – even if you have to stuff Websters Dictionaries into your lats, like this winner. Avoid posting any pictures that show your dedication is on the verge of obsession – that shit is weird.

4. Pictures that reveal how much of a dumb-ass you really are


Of course when we are at work, we are on our best behavior, but the internet can quickly show others just how full of shit we really are. Avoid posting pictures that demonstrate times when you are at the peak of your douchiest behavior. Yes, posting videos of you swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon. or sticking tampons up your nose may be funny in the moment, but in reality you are making a chimpanzee look like a better job candidate than you.

5. Pictures that display your alcoholism


It is one thing to admit that you like to have a couple drinks once in a while. It is quite another thing entirely to give the world evidence that you take 26-ers to your face on the regs. Although drunk pictures are the best kind, erase (or make private) all images that strongly suggest you consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Print those gems out for a photo-album that you can look at after you’ve found a job, in loving memory of the social life that you once had before your life was suffocated by a career you didn’t even go to school for.

6. Pictures that expose how disgusting you truly are

Beautiful Girl pee in the Toilet Boys picyure

As an extension of “not posting pictures you while you’re drunk”, you also do not want to post pictures of you doing absolutely disgusting things. If you are caught doing something revolting, the typical first response is to blame it on the alcohol, but what if there is no direct evidence of you drinking in the photo? When an employer comes across evidence of you picking your nose, looking at porn, or peeing in the streets, I’m sure they’d rather you had a substance abuse problem, than actually be that naturally disgusting.

7. Pictures from any Halloween


Halloween costumes are a great way to get to know people, because they can portray one’s sense of humour, creativity or originality. On the other hand, they can also show the world you are completely moronic, a douchebag, or a slut. Never post pictures of any of your more “clever” Halloween costumes, or costume ideas. If you have no taste (or sense) and want to dress up as a terrorist (idiots above), or if you are a little kinky and want to be half naked for Halloween, go for it! Just be sure to regulate who gets to see that side of you, if you want to one day get, or retain a good job. Duh!


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