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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Jacky’s Sass: 7 Celebrity Babes That Love Side Boob


side boob [sahyd buh-oob] noun - The portion of a woman’s breast visible from the side due to loose fitting or skimpy clothing, such as a vest with no top or bra, through the arm of a tank top, or a button undone.

The side boob has become an emerging trend in the past couple years, providing women with a more subtly sexy alternative to sporting the full blown cleavage we all know and love. However, when CBS asked attendees to stray away from the skin-bearing style in their Grammys dress code memo, it took the side boob to another level. CBC politely asked it’s female attendees to cover the “bare sides” of their breasts, and avoid outfits that “expose female breast nipples” (although some stars found ways to stick it to the man which inspired other styles such as “the naked leg” or “the inside boob“). What better way to promote the side boob as a sexy must-have look than to condemn it in a scathing official letter?

Since the Grammy’s have now elevated the side boob from a weird internet trend, and solidified it as an official fashion accessory, Jacky’s Sass takes a look at some eternal proponents of the side boob – look and learn ladies, SB (side boob…duh) is gonna be bigger than ever this year! Make sure you’re doing it right, because as you can imagine, a lot can go wrong! Men… you can look too.

And if this list of 7 isn’t enough for you, check out this gallery of 100 Glorious Celebrity Side Boobs!

7. Jennifer Aniston


Damn, Justin Theroux is one lucky guy – Who else is engaged to a woman who is such a natural at the side boob? She was born with the raw talent to rock this risque look so well.



Here’s that ever illusive “inside boob” I told you about…

6. Emma Watson

The Cinema Society Presents A Special Screening Of "The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower"  - Arrivals

Who knew Hermione Granger would grow up to give such good side boob? This babe may not have the biggest hooters in Hollywood, but she sure shows us how to rock what she’s got. Besides the occasional almost-nip slip here and there, Emma’s werkin’ this style.

There's a "better" photo of her in this dress, but it has a little "too much" side boob

There’s a “better” photo of her in this dress, but it has a little “too much” side boob


So. Much. Inside. Boob.

5. Rihanna


Rihanna is always about the side boob, all day, every day. Whether it’s in her music videos, the red carpet, or her personal Twitter images, you can always count on Rihanna to show you the best poses that show off the goods.



Side boob AND inside boob? This woman has skills!

4. Holly Madison


Surprise, surprise, an ex-Playboy Bunny is an advocate for the side boob. However, one can’t argue with Holly Madison’s winning results.  Good thing she didn’t go to the Grammy’s, because between her and Katy Perry, there wouldn’t have been room for anybody else. In the future, refer to Madison when you’re looking to sport more boob, and less clothes.



3. Mariah Carey


Whether it’s a crocheted bikini from the nineties or a thousand-dollar ballgown, Mariah Carey is the perfect person to show you how to give a 360 degree view of the goodies. As you can tell, making this style work is owning it with confidence… also, just having great boobs and less than maximum coverage will also do the trick.



2. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan side boob

Lindsay Lohan must la-love the side boob, as she’s been sporting it consistently since she hit puberty. However, it seems like drinking, excessive partying and potential drug use hinders the effects of the side boob style. Try to stay away from this look if you’ve lost 15-30 pounds suddenly due to… non-prescription drug use, because as you can see, that much skin with so little fat just doesn’t look right.



1. Miley Cyrus


Our little Miley Bird’s nickname is perfect, as she literally is as free as a bird – Well, her boobs are at least! And as an eternal supporter of the side boob, Miley shows us that you can sport the look in multiple styles. Whether her outfit is formal, casual or just bumming around, Miley can always manage to pull off the side boob, with the most optimal amount of coverage, while showing just enough skin (well, almost enough, she’s only human). This girl can even literally run around town without letting anything important slip, as you’ll see demonstrated below. If there’s one lady you want to learn how to perfect the side boob from, it’s Miss. Cyrus.




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