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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Jacky’s Sass: 6 Things Not To Do On Tinder


A new app has hit the market! Tinder is a dating app that finds people in your geographical area and suggests that you get to know them based on a number of factors. Users are able to anonymously “like or pass” each person they come across based on the provided pictures. If two people mutually like one another, they are “a match” and are able to message through the app.



It is through this discreet process that Tinder is changing the dating scene, with the number of likes and subsequent dates you get depending more on the pictures you post than the words you say. So, you best brush up on your photog skills! This week, Jacky’s Sass brings six tips on what not to do on Tinder in hopes of getting you more matches, with more desirable candidates.

1. No shameless selfies… Especially from men! 

There are good and bad ways to take a “selfie”. The good selfie occurs when you take a quick, cute picture of yourself resulting in an accurate portrayal of your appearance. The bad selfie happens when you take a picture of your face all screwed up (i.e. smizing, licking your lips, or doing the duck face) and one can totally tell that you’ve moved to four different locations, tried eleven different angles and taken twenty-six pictures before finally deciding on the one you choose to post. And I’m sorry boys, but a bad selfie looks worse on a guy than it does a girl. Yes it’s a double standard, but don’t hate the player, hate the game. Don’t post that garbage if you want likes on Tinder. Trust.


Hey, I love me some J. Biebs as much as the next person, but selfies like this would make anyone look like the douche of the year. Not Tinder appropriate.

2. Don’t narrow your search

I know that narrowing your Tinder search seems like the right thing to do if you want to meet a compatible partner, however, I’ve heard through the grapevine that as your search gets narrower, the people get uglier. So pending on the reasons why you are really on Tinder, keep the search open. Wide open.


This is what happens when you narrow your search. Oh baby.

3. Don’t post only group photos

Posting only group photos on Tinder is like putting too much cran in the vod- it dilutes a good thing. People on tinder want to see you, not search amongst a bunch of pictures to find which face is the common denominator, like a revved up Sherlock Homes. The Cheerleader Effect isn’t as effective on Tinder as it is in real life. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.


Who has time to look at all these faces, then compare them to the prior images?! Unemployed creepers, that’s who.

4. Don’t use “Hey” as your opening message.

“Tinder” is not slang for “MSN Messenger”. When you and a lucky someone have liked one another, and you are able to start messaging, the initial mutual “like” is greeting enough. It’s the best kind of greeting actually, because nothing says “hey” better than “I’m attracted to you enough to like you on Tinder”. Come up with something witty and interesting to say that will propel conversation, not make your potential fling fall asleep.

What invigorating conversation.

What an invigorating interaction


5. Don’t get ahead of yourself in your opening message.

While we’ve already acknowledged that you can’t just say “hey” as a first message, you also can’t jump the gun either. The first message straddles a fine line that will set the tone for your Tinder relationship (Tindership, if you will). Asking too many questions, spewing out bad game, or coming on too strong will definitely kill your Tindership before it even starts.


Sometimes, honesty isn’t always the best policy.


Jack's definitely getting blocked.

Jack is definitely getting blocked.

6. Don’t flip too fast.

Tinder is not like a television remote, because if you flip through pictures too fast, you can’t go back to one that catches your eye. Once you’ve flipped, you’ve flipped forever. Therefore, flip slowly to prevent yourself from missing out on any jems.


You wouldn’t want to flip past a celebrity like Cory Matthews and never get the chance to like them again!

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