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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Jacky’s Sass: 10 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Is Fantastic


Fallon or Leno? That is the question many are talking about, as it has recently been rumored that NBC is in the process of phasing Jay Leno out of The Tonight Show, and having Jimmy Fallon come in as his replacement. Although Leno’s contract for the show doesn’t end until 2014, it’s been said that NBC is already building a flashy new set for Fallon in New York City (that’s right, no more California). Regardless of what is true or not, let’s be honest, Jimmy Fallon would be a totally amazing host on The Tonight Show. In order to support this argument, Jacky’s Sass has compiled ten amazing Jimmy Fallon moments to remind you how fantastic he is, and to get you excited for his potential move in twenty fourteen.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why I Think Jimmy Fallon Is Fantastic

1. Jimmy can rap


Jimmy can drop a rhyme or two, and if History of Rap 1, 2 and 3 weren’t enough, Jimmy and Justin came out with History of Rap 4 not too long ago, which is literally life changing.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Jimmy plays the guitar


Jimmy Fallon is not only funny, he has legitimate musical talent as well. Thank goodness he can play the guitar, or we’d never have this acoustic version of “Mario Kart Love Song” featuring Selena Gomez.

YouTube Preview Image

3. Jimmy has great style

Out of all the late night hosts, Jimmy’s the only one who can rock tight pants. He’s lucky Will Farrell is sticking to movies though.

YouTube Preview Image

4. Jimmy has golf game


You may never hit par, but if you play golf with Samuel L. Jackson, you’re golf game is immediately legit. Well played Jimmy.

YouTube Preview Image

5. Jimmy has a banging wife


You didn’t know this? Keep up. Denise Fallon is easily the hottest Late Night Housewife.

YouTube Preview Image

6. Jimmy looks good in a dress


Just… Ew.

YouTube Preview Image

7. Jimmy jams… with Mariah Carey


Jimmy is the only one who can take Christmas caroling to this level… Or play the kazoo.

YouTube Preview Image

8. Jimmy has Bieber Fever


Who doesn’t love that Jimmy stood up for the Biebs during his baby mama controversy?

YouTube Preview Image

9. Jimmy get’s creative

No arms startingggggg now.

YouTube Preview Image

10. Jimmy can get the President of the United States to slow jam the news

Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon

… really? Need I say more?

YouTube Preview Image



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