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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Friday Fitness Female: Geneviève René – Fashion Marketer Turned Fitness Model

It’s well known that animosity lies between the French and English in Canada, but if there was ever a reason for the two parties to get along, this is it. Whether you’re English, French, you should be able to appreciate French-Canadian Fitness Model, Geneviève René! Très belle!!

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Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1984, Geneviève grew up in a small town called Richmond, and from a young age has been very hard working and determined. This attitude extends beyond fitness and into her entire life, which is most evident once you consider that Geneviève left home at 15 years of age to go to Montreal and start college.

Having studied Fashion Marketing, no one would have expected her to choose the optional class of ‘Musculation’ (weight training + nutrition). What was even more surprising is the fact that she absolutely adored the course and ended up with a 99%. After the course ended, Geneviève received a bursary at the school’s award night, and from that point on, fitness was her life.

René now works as a Sales Manager for GNC Live Well after deciding to step back from her role as Quebec Supervisor to be closer to home. She’s also sponsored by PVL Essential & Whey Gourmet.

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Interview with Geneviève 

Who are you?

Geneviève René , born in Sherbrooke, Qc in 1984. I grew up in a small town called Richmond and was the older of two children with a a brother three years younger. I left the house at 15 years old to go to Montreal and start college.

What five words best describe you?

Creative, positive, spontaneous , authentic and dynamic with plenty of energy! But what best describes me is that I’m a very passionate person, as everything I do I put my heart 100% into it.  It’s always all or nothing.

Where and what are you studying in school?

I studied fashion marketing and completed my DEC. Afterwards, I went to health science, but I didn’t complete it because I was working too much, and preferred to stop than have average marks. Then I got certified with CORFIT for nutrition & training.

How and when did you get into fitness?

The fact that I’m so involved in fitness is very surprising for people knew me growing up as a kid, because I hated sports. In school, I was the one doing crafts  and arts, and made lots of drawings. When everyone got together to play a sport, I’d find an excuse or was always hiding.

It all began when I went to study fashion marketing. We had to choose an optional course, and I was stuck choosing “musculation” (weight training + nutrition) … and I loved it!!! I fell in love with it!!! I had a 99% in the class and all the nutritional exams were a joke for me. We had to set a goal during the session, and get evaluated and I got an amazing transformation in a short period of time! I even got a bursary for it, and went to the award ceremony at school. People were shocked that the slim Barbie model in the fashion school received this accolade, lol.

I then I obviously started training in a gym by myself, and met a few people that saw my potential and started talking to me about competing in shows. I went to see one of the best trainers for women in fitness that was referred to me and told her “I want to get ready in a year to do my first competition” lol. She was surprised and said “Well, you need to get lots of mass!!”

And yes I did it! I exploded and went on stage.

You’ve competed in quite a few competitions now. Which ones stand out in your mind as the most memorable?

My most memorable would be from 2009 when they first started the bikini division. I decided 2 weeks before to do it and placed 3rd in the Natural Provincial.

Are you motivated by competition or personal goals?

What I enjoy the most is the goal I set in preparation for my competition.  I always do it to give me a challenge and achieve my personal goal of a physique I wanted at a certain moment.

The competition is more of a pretext and yes, it’s motivating because when you decide to compete, you have no choice but to continue and you know you need to be ready for a certain date. But it’s after all really a personal choice and goal!

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You’re a Sales Manager for GNC Live Well. Can you tell us about them, and what you do?

GNC is a supplement store company. They are the leader and one of largest company in this field. They have  different locations all around the world.  I started in 2005 in a GNC store as a sales associate. In 2007, I started to manage a store, after 3 years, I became the Quebec supervisor, did two years in that position and went back as a manager this year. I wanted to change store locations to be closer to home and have more free time.

You model both fitness, glamour and bikini. If you had to pick one type of modeling and focus on it, what would you choose and why?

I would say glamour, because it’s what suits me best, but I wish to do more fitness modeling. It’s also a lot more work, because to have really nice picture you practically need to be competition ready.

What part of your body do you take the most amount of pride in?

I would have to say it’s my butt! Lol, I get compliments everyday about my butt! hehe

What is the hardest part about maintaining such a fabulous figure?

If it was only about me, it would not be hard. I like to work hard, and it’s a passion of mine. The hardest part is everything that goes along with it, including the entourage, the parties, restaurants and trips. It’s hard for certain peeople to understand that you enjoy working out on a Friday Night, and don’t mind eating egg whites instead of going to the restaurant or a bar and drinking. Or when family bring a cake to celebrate an event, but I cant cause I am getting ready for a show or a shoot…

Can you describe what your personal diet plan is like?

I like to keep it simple.

5-6 meals that are lean protein, green vegetable with good healthy fatty acid.

2 meals that will have a bite of starches like: rice, oatmeal or sweet patatoes .

If it’s during the off-season, I eat more carbs and allow myself to cheat once a week.

Do you have a ‘weekly routine’?

My routine right now is:

Monday: pole fitness & cardio
Tuesday: cardio, back & shoulders
Wed: legs & abs
Thursday : cardio
Friday: cardio , arms & arms
Sat : shoulders, cardio
Sunday: cardio, legs & abs

What type of music do you listen to when you work out?

Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, and once in a while I download the most recent hits and make a mix. But I always go back to metal, or more intense music.

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Do you feel the industry focuses too much on sex appeal?

No, I think it goes with it. You need to have it in a sense, because you have an incredible physique and presenting it is going to be naturally sexy, and that’s what will inspire and attract people to do it too.

Do you have any sponsors?

Yes, PVL Essential & Whey Gourmet .

What does PVL stand for?

Good question ;) performance, vitality, longevity!

How has PVL helped you get to the next level?

The quality of the products are amazing. PVL says it all with “performance, vitality, longevity”. I kill every workout I do, I have no negative repercussions, and I feel good.

Results speak for themselves. I just keep getting better since I signed with them in June of 2012.

Do you use any supplements pre, during, or post work out?


Carnitine & BCAA Pre-workout.

Post-workout: BCAA & glutamine.

Whey protein, if I am not having an actual meal post workout.

What are your plans for 2013?

The plan is to go back to the figure category, and obviously I would like to place top 3 ;) But most important is to get into my best shape ever, and continue to inspire people.

Do you have anyone you’d like to thank for helping you get where you are now?

My hubby, close friends,  and my entourage that support me everyday. My followers on social networking that bring me lots of energy.

Do you have any final words for your fans, and the readers of Lion’s Den U?

Always follow your dream, and do what you enjoy the most in life. Give your best in everything you do, and don’t wait for anybody.

I want to thank everybody that followed me in my journey. It has meant a lot to me and I really appreciate all the support.

Thanks Geneviève! We’ll continue to watch you journey to the top!

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