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Class Notes - 04/27/17

04/27/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Friday Fitness Female: Bo Shin – Body, Mind and Motivation

Total Package; A guy or girl who has the combination of brains, looks, body, personality, sense of humor, class and just about every other good quality imaginable. To find someone who exhibits all of these characteristics is extremely rare, and when you encounter someone so genuinely awesome, you immediately know it.

Meet Bo Shin

Bo Shin 11

Born in a little city outside of Seoul, Korea, Bo moved to the United States in 1991, at the age of 5. Shin currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama having started her undergrad program at Auburn University with a concentration in Nutrition/Dietetics, and finished her BA in Communications Management with a minor in Mass Communications at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Bo is still studying with a concentration in pre-medicine, with plans to attend med school. At first glance, it’s pretty obvious she’s got the looks and body, but no ones going to question her smarts, especially after she completes her 14-ish years of schooling.

As a writer and woman in the fitness industry, Bo wants to be the kind of voice that will leave a lasting impression on those who come across her. With her extensive knowledge and genuine desire to help others, we’ve given her the platform to reach out to her fans, our fans and millions of others.

Every Sunday, Bo will write a new weekly series with LDU called ‘Body, Mind & Motivation with Bo Shin


Having competed on stage a few times (to prove to herself she could achieve that goal), Bo is now more focused on promoting a healthy, happy and mentally fit lifestyle. She’s looking to not only help her clients live healthier, but also leave a lasting, life-long impression on them as well.

As a personal trainer with certifications in AFAA Kickboxing, ACE Personal Training, AFAA Personal Training, Les Mills International (Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat), we’re not the only ones to take notice of this ‘Total Package’. Bo is sponsored by numerous companies, including Optimum Nutrition, ABB Performance, Quest Nutrition, Fitmark, and Flex Till You’re Famous.

You’ll get to see Bo here every Sunday (starting the 24th), but until then…

…Check Out More Bo At Her:
Website, Facebook, Fanpage & Twitter

Bo Shin 27

Interview with Bo Shin 

Who are you?

I am your average girl, just trying to make a little bit of a difference in the world : ) I think too much, analyze everything, and thank God for the blessings in my life.  My family and I moved to the States from a little city outside of Seoul, Korea in 1991, when I was 5 years old.  I am full Korean, and fluent in the language.  I currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama.  I am a medical device sales representative, a writer, endorsed athlete of Optimum Nutrition, ABB Performance, Quest Nutrition, Fitmark, and Flex Till You’re Famous, as well as a student with a concentration in pre-medicine. I have big goals and dreams, and I am thankful that I have such a loving family, and a supportive boyfriend.  My faith, family, and boyfriend are the foundation to my life!

What 5 words best describe you?

Goofy, real, optimistic, hard-working, nerdy, enthusiastic

Wow. So hard-working you gave us 6 ;) Where and what did you study in school?

I started my undergrad program at Auburn University with a concentration in Nutrition/Dietetics, and finished my BA in Communications Management with a minor in Mass Communications at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Having transferred from Auburn to UAB in 2011, did you get much flak from friends considering the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama?

The true rivalry is between between Auburn and the University of Alabama, but it seems that the majority of the people I know are Alabama fans, including my BF.  He likes to put his two cents in :)

You’re now currently pursuing pre-med.  How many years of school will you have taken when all is said and done?

During my undergrad years, I changed my major numerous times, and completed the core curriculum classes for a Health Science, Business, and Communications major, so I graduated in 6 years!  A long time, but I learned a lot :) I would estimate that it would be a total of 14 years of schooling when I graduate med school.

With all that schooling, where do you find time to be an elite name in the fitness industry?

I’ve always had my eye on a goal, which was to get in shape and feel good about my outward appearance. I have always had an obsessive personality, and if I want something, I figure out a way.  Nothing in my life has come easy.  I have always been the type of person who has to work, and dedicate a lot of time and energy to my goals.  Not many people know this, but I did have an eating disorder, which was my hardest battle to fight.  I struggled for years as a teen with it and knowing that I got through that on my own, I am capable of much more.   In achieving a way to find happiness in my eating habits, while recognizing that the physical attributes accompany those habits, I slowly started to gain confidence in who I was, and my physical appearance.  This led me to my first shoot with Satio Photography at the age of 20.  From this point, I loved sharing my story with people and started travelling more to large fitness expos, where I was able to network.  My current manager for ON approached me at the NPC Nationals in 2010.  I was then offered a contract to be a part of the team.

You’ve competed in both the figure and bikini genre of competition. What competition stands out as most memorable?

I would have to say that I am not a die-hard competitor, or ever was.  I competed for a few years (few shows) to prove to myself that I could achieve this goal.  It was never my intention, or goal to become a pro-competitor, or ever will be.  Competing was to show myself that I could have the discipline to train and diet hard.  I have also learned over the years that this is not the healthiest way to live, and these goals are unrealistic in terms of maintaining that lifestyle.

I do not use the term “diet” anymore, because having a healthy body and a “fit” body is a lifestyle change; not a “diet”.  I promote HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and being MENTALLY FIT.  All 3 of these components ultimately lead to a “fit” outer appearance, which many people seek, but go about it the wrong way.

Bo Shin 24

Are you motivated by personal goals, or competition?

I am motivated by my own goals, and I do not let anyone discourage me.  I believe that by being competitive with others, you are setting yourself up for frustration, and failure.  When it comes down to it all, YOU are what controls your goals; therefore, no one else can do that for you.  I think too many people let others do their thinking for them, which ultimately cripples their ability to achieve the vision of what they want.

“It’s not time that changes things, it’s people that do; and to remain in a situation where complaints are more frequent than the talk of accomplishment, is simply a choice.

So starting today, take control of your own life and make it what you want it to be, and realize that the only obstacle you really have to overcome is yourself.

Start changing your mind, and you’ll start changing your life.”


As a personal trainer, you’re also motivated to help others. What certifications do you have?

AFAA Kickboxing, ACE Personal Training, AFAA Personal Training, Les Mills International (Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat).

Obviously what you write about is fitness related, but can you briefly touch on exactly what you write about?

I write mainly about the foundation that everyone needs in order to achieve his or her fitness (or any) goals.  The problem isn’t getting to the gym, but WHAT is holding them back from being fully motivated.  Change requires a solid platform, which we all need: happiness, a sense of well being, etc.  I stress the importance of “mental fitness” rather than “fitness” by itself.  The physical attributes accompany those that learn how to manipulate and control their mental state.

How strict is your diet? What does it consist of?

I stay away from the word “diet” because diets seem to be temporary.  I’ve spent years training myself on the knowledge of different foods, and what they contain (nutrients, vitamins, minerals) in order to make the right choices for each meal.  This way, I know what my body needs and what I am lacking through the food choices that I make.  Everyone lives a busy life, and although my “diet” isn’t 100% of what I would like for it to be all the time, so I shoot for a 90% goal of eating the cleanest I can.  I don’t deprive myself of any foods that I am craving, and I also adjust my deficiencies of certain vitamins, and eat more of that food source to offset my cravings.  If your body is craving something, there is a good chance that it needs certain vitamins, or minerals to balance out your body.

My motto:  “If you can’t pick it, grow it, or kill it; then don’t eat it”

What is your workout schedule like?

I shoot to get in the gym, or exercise for and hour, 6 days out of the week.  I like to mix up my workouts, so my body does not plateau.  It also makes it enjoyable and I look forward to doing something different everyday.  I am a huge fan of plyometrics and calethenics to burn as much fat as I can, while maintaining/toning the muscle I’ve built over the years.

Bo Shin 31

What part of your body do you take the most pride in?

My booty and legs :) As most of you guys know, many Asians do not have much of a backside, or muscle in their legs.  Building my glutes were by far the hardest to gain on my body.  It has taken over 12 years of squats and lunges to get my physique to where I want it.  My legs are currently 24 inches around my quads, and don’t hold much fat around my lower body.  I used to hate the fact that they are bigger than a lot of guys’ legs that I know, but I have come to love them!

What is something you’ve had to sacrifice in order to keep such a great figure?

Before gaining my knowledge of nutrition, I used to think that I had to completely deprive myself of the foods that I wanted to eat.  This was a battle that I went through mentally for years.  I now look at it as not a sacrifice, but a change in the choices I make.  We have to eat to survive, so we all have to make choices about what we eat.  I just focus on choosing the healthiest ones, and love doing this because of the benefits it reaps.

Working out has always been a hobby of mine as well, so I look at it as being able to do what I enjoy

What changes have you noticed in the industry since you got involved? Do you feel they’ve been mainly positive or negative?

Positive:  I don’t think I’ve seen any changes in the industry, as much as I have seen a change with myself from being in the industry.  I’ve learned a lot when it comes to myself, the potential I have to help others, and what I can now do with it.  From this, I have built confidence in what I am capable of, and it has led me to pursue med school, and become someone who can help others to the fullest degree.

Negative:  There are so many things that I have to constantly battle everyday in order to ensure to those around me, especially my loved ones, WHY I do certain things, and WHAT is it that keeps me in this scene.  It’s hard for others to relate to your intentions when there sometimes seems to be more negative than positive things that are brought about from this industry; when it relates to your personal life.

Do you think the fitness industry relies too much on sex appeal?

Most definitely!  Sex appeal is something that is great to have, but needs to be respectfully done.  I think that it attracts more negative than positive things.  People want motivation in the fitness industry, not a porno.  This only attracts one type of audience, and distracts what the industry should be about.

Yes, sex sells; but motivation lasts.  It’s more about quality, not quantity.

Outside of Fitness and modeling, what do you do in your spare time for fun?

My definition of fun is just spending time with my family, or boyfriend.  My life is pretty hectic, so my enjoyment comes from being able to enjoy relaxing, laughing and also cooking.  I also love to travel, and go to concerts.

Life is all about the memories you make with the closest people around you, and the feeling you get from experiencing it all!

What are your plans moving forward? 

I want to be able to leave a trail to follow, and a memorable voice to my followers.  I hope to help as many people as I can through more of my writing.  I am also concentrating on keeping a healthy relationship with my loved ones, getting into med school, and keeping up with my career in medical sales.

Can you leave readers with a quote, saying or something inspirational?

“Accept the fact that nothing in our lifetime will ever last. Not even the great things, or the bad. Take chances, get hurt, and have no limits.

All things shall pass… “

~xoxo, Bo

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