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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Ask Amy Lynn: Stop Wasting Time At The Gym And DO Something!

[Ed. Amy Lynn Grover of KulaDevi (Join The Fanpage) is back with her weekly column Ask Amy Lynn! We first featured her in our FFF series, and from there we continued with her articles about the true meaning of fitness, the importance of getting uncomfortable in order to get results, 6 ways to get back on the fitness train and 10 Easy Ways To Slim This Fall! This week Amy has some great advice to keep you motivated at the gym ! Remember you now have the opportunity to ask our resident expert whatever you want about fitness, exercise, nutrition and yoga! Leave your questions in the comment section or send them to or! Be sure to check out the KulaDevi website and follow Amy on Twitter!]

Get over your big head and get committed to yourself! It’s just mental…

When I woke up this morning I decided, today I want to go back to something I used to do all the time… Something that gave me a really good feeling!! Even make me feel a little high… Spin class… Yeah, that’s right, a natural high from a spin class!  I checked around to see where I could take a class and planned my day around it.  I also planned to take a level yoga class right before it.  Okay so you’re thinking the same thing I tend to think of myself from time to time: “Amy you are completely nuts”… OK so maybe I am a little bit hard-core, but I am also in the game for results.  I’m driven and determined.  I don’t just believe, I know efficient work equals success.  Once I put it in my head, then it’s done! There is no going back or I get the guilt from myself (which is the worst kind).

I finished the yoga class and proceeded to the spin class right next door.  As if I wasn’t sweating enough from the 1st hour of yoga… I was on to the next hour of spinning.  I was a little bit wiped as I entered the room and then the voices started in my head and I began to reason with myself, is this necessary? I’ve already put in an hour, I am nuts… Can I do this? Maybe I should of skipped yoga prior to my first spin class in over a year?  However I pushed all that aside put my shoes on and jumped in the saddle!

It was tougher than I remembered, due to my being a little tired off the bat and not having done it in a while, I was getting my butt kicked by myself.  I could of just jumped off or slowed down or scaled back, but for why?  My body was fine, and I wasn’t injuring myself, I was already there and what the heck, I might as well get the most out of my $21 spin class.  I gaver!!  Point is, if you are already in the gym give it your all.   I see so many people in class faking it, or sitting around doing nothing, or just there for social hour chatting away.  This all makes no sense – you already beat all the odds, you are in the facility!! DO something!!!! Otherwise you may as well be home doing nothing in your own living room.

Okay so getting to the point, “it was tougher than I remembered”… When you start working out or try a new physical activity for most it’s not so easy, it may even feel a little odd or uncomfortable – this is actually a good thing (as long as your form is perfect).  Once you notice your body getting adjusted by your workout out, guess what? You need to change it, because continuously doing the same workout is not going to change anything.  In fact the more comfortable you get with the routine, the closer you are to your body being complacent, and the more you will become frustrated because you aren’t getting the results you are there for.  This is because your body doesn’t enjoy being challenged, so it will do it’s best to get used to whatever it does.  In order to continuously see changes you need to throw your body curve balls, all the time.

So back to the mental push over the physical…  Your mind in the end controls your body and the decisions you make.  You are completely capable to whatever you choose, but you must choose.  Enjoy the challenge.  Choose a new fresh type of exercise all the time.  It will keep your body from getting too comfortable on silly machines like the elliptical or doing the same weight routine every time you workout.  You need to think, get off the hamster wheel and put more than the physical aspect in it.  Mentally connect to what you are doing physically.

Here is a sample week for me:
Day #1 Glutes, Kickboxing and Abs
Day #2 Run on treadmill, then Yoga class
Day #3 Stair machine or hike and upper body (biceps & back) and Abs
Day #4 Legs (quad & hams) with a ton of plyometric explosive exercises and Abs
Day #5 Yoga class and upper body (chest & triceps)
Day #6 Spin or Yoga class or both if you like it hard-core

Here are a few alternative options:
Take a sculpting, dance or Zumba class
Add skipping in between weight sets
Add plyometric exercises in between weight sets
Combine a few upper body exercises with lower body exercises and do a circuit
Split your cardio and weights up in 10-15 minute intervals: Do 10-15 minutes of cardio (run or bike etc.), then do 15 minutes of weights or abs

You want to be fitter? Stronger? Healthier? Exceed your own expectations?  Commit to your choices and you will find the results you are looking for.  Stop listening to that voice inside your head that is stopping you, if you think you can, you know you can then you will! Get to it!


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