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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Ask Amy Lynn: 6 Easy Ways To Get Back On The Fitness Train

[Ed. Ask Amy Lynn continues with our resident expert Amy Lynn Grover of KulaDevi (Join The Fanpage)!We first featured her in our FFF series, and from there we continued with her articles about the true meaning of fitness, and the importance of getting uncomfortable in order to get results. This week she has 6 ways to get back on the fitness train, for those of you that can use the motivation! Remember you now have the opportunity to ask our resident expert whatever you want about fitness, exercise, nutrition and yoga! Leave your questions in the comment section or send them to or!]

Are you out of shape? Are you just totally lost and confused?  Well for all you who have you completely fallen of the fitness train this summer, it’s time to jump back in the saddle and giver a giddy up!

The toughest part is starting!! Stop the excuses and just start already.  Dig up your the gym membership card, and ditch the junk food diet. Starting something new in general is overwhelming and majorly stressful.  Instead of thinking about a healthy makeover as an impossible task, break it down into small manageable changes— before you know it, you’re on your way to feeling and looking great!

Here are six easy ways to jump back on the fitness train:

1 – Diet
Before you go getting all discouraged, listen carefully diets don’t work.  Please just eat a balanced meal, every 3-4 hours. Diets will put you into starvation mode they are basically designed to give you a quick fix by losing weight quickly, however lasting only short term.  95% of people gain the weight they lost back plus a little extra once getting off the diet.   Unfortunately our bodies haven’t evolved like everything else in the world – they hold and store fat incase we need it to survive the artic tundra like cave men.  We need to consume good fats if we want to burn fat – our bodies are just designed that way.

2 – Be Prepared
Most often eating poorly involves dining out; because when you’re not preparing your own food, you don’t know what’s in it (excess, sugar, salt and fat are added to make it taste good).  It can also be challenging to eat the right foods when dining out because of the variety of fun non-healthy options. Fast food may be quick and convenient, but there’s nothing good about it.  Inspire a healthy makeover by committing to being prepared.  Either cook more meals at home or if you are on the go, eat easy to prepare healthy choices like a protein shake with greens and almond milk.  When you are in charge you’ll be more accountable for what goes on your plate and in your body.

3 – Start Slow
Although you may be excited to get your saddle on nice and tight in the gym, let me for warn you… taker easy! If you haven’t been in a while, you are not where you left off.  In order to get back in on the reg you will want to ease your body into it day by day incrementally adding more weight, time and intensity.  If you go hard and try to lift or run or keep up with the advanced killer-cardio-fusion-ab-kickboxing-burn-class – you will be extremely sore and may get discouraged and possibly injured (there are already have enough excuses as to why you can’t hit the gym, we don’t need to add any more to the list).  My advice, ease in with a beginners yoga class, brisk walking or an easy hike, at the gym mix a couple light weight circuits with a couple 15-20 minute easy to medium cardio segments.  Just make sure your form is correct when lifting weights – ask a more experienced friend or any trainer on the floor to quickly check your form.

4 – Keep It fun!
Grab a buddy make and some fitness goals together.  It’s easier when you have a friend to motivate you when you aren’t in the mood and vice versa. The options of fun things are endless… Join a volleyball league, ride bikes by the beach or trail, sign up for a half marathon and raise some money for a cause, mix it up and try a class – I love taking a hip hop, ballet or Jazz class and on the regular my personal favorites are Yoga and Zumba classes.  When you are ready to get on the saddle and start loping Spinning classes are killer (try a padded seat, your jock literally might get a bit tender from the ride).

5 – Detox And Eat Clean
Although I said earlier dieting is a no no, I do recommend a good cleaning.  There are a lot of detoxes on the market – I have a few I’ve tried that are amazing (email me directly for recommendations). Try to avoid processed foods at all costs.  Minimize sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, and caffeine.  Dairy and gluten are suspect, proceed with caution.  Eat protein with every meal so you are full and satisfied.  Try food pairing: animal protein with healthy fats (nuts avocado, and oils) and vegetables or complex carbohydrates alone or with vegetables. With proper food pairing your digestion will move along a lot faster and chances are you will feel lighter and more energized than ever before!

6 – Be Good To Yourself
Give yourself some love and attention.  Say something positive to yourself in the mirror or give yourself a boosting pep talk before you start the day.  Take a bubble bath. Ditch some of your dirty vices.  If you smoke, try reading the book “The Easy Way” by Alan Carr (you can smoke the whole way through reading the book).  Take the stairs if you have the time.  Start reading a book about something you want to learn about, instead of gluing yourself to the TV.  Go for a walk.  Call your mom and tell her you love her.  Buy yourself flowers.  Make sure to smile for no reason. Spread the love.

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