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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream: A Feast For The Eyes And Taste Buds [Gallery & Video]

Jacqueline Suzanne and Justin Price were out in a Miami club and when doors closed, it was four in the morning and they were both craving ice cream. Knowing that no stores were open and they weren’t likely the only ones with the craving, Jacqueline suggested to Justin they open a late night ice cream store in Miami.

Jacqueline is a model and Justin a photographer, who both travel regularly. Justin didn’t like the idea of paying rent when both he and Jacqueline were out of town and suggested they use an ice cream truck.

With most people coming out of clubs looking to hookup, they thought why not serve up ice cream with natural aphrodisiacs in it; even better why not have super hot girls serving it…

That night, Aphrodisiac Ice Cream was born and is now the hottest Ice Cream Truck in Miami.

Customers standing in line for a tasty treat have the sexiest servers, ranging from Playboy to Maxim Models, keeping them enticed as they wait. And equally as important, they have the best ice cream flavors with names such as chocolate 3sum, and their specialty creation, The “Aphrodisiac Orgy,” which is three scoops of ice cream of your choice with every single topping.

The truck features two stripper poles on top for the ice cream truck girls to dance and perform, with speakers blast out your favorite music and a 24″ monitor in the side of the truck to play videos.

Ice Cream Served By Models: 
Jacqueline Suzanne, Heather Shanholtz, Kristie, Ashley Held, Princess Mandy Mo and more!

Jacqueline Suzanne: She is not only our main ice cream server, but also the co-founder/owner of Aphrodisiac Ice Cream. This Costa Rican bombshell loves ice cream, but with a body like hers, you would never know it. Jacqueline is a Maxim model and has appeared in major magazines including American Curves, Muscle Mag and many others. She loves working out, has her own clothing line and aspires to take over the world … one ice cream truck at a time.

Heather Shanholtz: If you catch Heather serving on our truck, it means she is in between trips from modeling all over the world. This blonde hottie has graced the cover of numerous magazines, has her own IPhone app and is one of the hardest working models around today. She loves to relax by sunbathing; her only problem is the ice cream melts by the time she has to turn over on her back.

Kristie Brie Lawner: This laid-back Miami girl just moved down to South Florida after finishing school and is ready to serve you delicious cold treats on hot Miami days. Kristie is a cool mix of brains and beauty. She graduated with a 4.0 in ice cream studies at the University of Miami. She bartends at two clubs in South Beach to pass the time in between scooping ice cream on our truck.  She just started modeling and loves to be in front of the camera.

Ashley Held: The ultimate brunette beauty with legs that won’t quit. Ashley has been in the Hooters calendar several times and has won numerous beauty pageants. Her images have graced the pages of magazine likes American Curves and Hooters. This southern belle was originally from Atlanta, but moved to South Florida because she says the ice cream tastes better down here. Ashley can be seen juggling ice cream cones in between customers because she’s that damn good.

Princess Mandy Mo: Sweet and innocent, but with a sharp wit, this busty Asian beauty loves to bathe in ice cream. She models for fun and you can find her dancing on top of the truck dropping it down low. She will serve you up a large ice cream with a pretty smile and then do a back flip for you.

Check out more Aphrodisiac Ice Cream by going to their:
Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog, Youtube or Flicker

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream by Heather_Shanholtz

All Photos Courtesy: Aphrodisiac Owner and Photographer Justin Price

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