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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Amy Lynn Fitness: 8 Things You Should Know About Cleansing

Amy Lynn Grover (Join The Fanpage) is back with her weekly column Amy Lynn Fitness! We first featured her in our Fitness Friday Female series, and we continued with her weekly columns. Now Amy Has her own section on the website under Health & Fitness, Amy Lynn Fitness, so you can read up on any articles you’ve missed! Remember you can ask our resident expert whatever you want about fitness, exercise, nutrition and yoga! Leave your questions in the comment section or send them to! Be sure to check out her website and follow Amy on Twitter!

Let me first say that cleansing is wonderful, it aids our bodies to rid unwanted toxins and foreign substances. It occurs daily in one form or another (tears, sweat, mucus, urine), and for women (lucky us) we get the opportunity to cleanse once a month; not only do we shed our uterus lining our entire body enters cleansing mode (which is why women typically out live men). Cleansing results in a higher level of health and immunity.

1 – How Often: For deep cleansing I recommend doing a colon cleanse twice a year, every spring and fall as the seasons change.  Our bodies are cyclical like the earth, which is constantly undergoing cleansing and renewing for itself (storms, hurricanes, tidal waves, precipitation, ice, snow, floods)… The air always so much clearer after it rains!

2 – How do I know if I’m Toxic?:

Your body holds toxicity in your intestines, usually the skinner and smaller the girl, the more crap she has in her guts.  It’s weird and kind of scary – you would never guess how much stuff you have binded up in there.  The colon cleanse I do twice a year people (I know) reported releasing substantially up to 8-12x per day. What you release on a normal basis depends on your body and your consumption.  There is no magic number, healthy for you depends on many things, however if you’re the type of person that doesn’t release even for one day, chances are you are backed up.  Take a mental note, are you consuming more than what you are releasing?  If that is the case, chances are you have a lot of releasing to do (some people have as much as 5-10lbs or more inside them right now).

3 – Toxic Explanation: Intestines are not water tight, when crap is stuck in you for long periods of time, the toxins from the feces are likely to overflow into your blood stream. Take a look in the mirror, do you feel puffy or notice a layer that is in your skin, it isn’t fat, it is toxicity.  When a deep cleaning is performed, not only will your skin’s surface get clearer and tighter it will get a healthy glow too.

4 – Cleansing is Mental too: Throughout life we experience traumas major and minor, we have thoughts and feelings on events and times; all of which get impacted and lay within our physical bodies.  Cleansing can bring up a variety of emotions that have been suppressed over the years.  Cleansing can help with the process of “letting go” of things withheld in the body. With that being said, allow time for you to go through the process and get the best out of it. Healing our physical body is also cleansing our mind and emotions, without warning you may feel sad or angry or start crying about something unimportant.

5 – Cleansing Diet: I recommend eating lightly when cleansing; this really doesn’t mean starving yourself and depending on which cleanse you choose to do, eat accordingly to the recommended diet.  Make sure you eat enough to energize your body and allow the cleanse to work effectively (there is a fine line).  Juicing  (fresh pressed unpasteurized) is great to add to the cleansing diet.  Light meals such as steamed vegetables and fish (chicken and turkey are okay) nothing mucus forming, so dairy and soy products should be avoided.  Other things to avoid: caffeine, supplementation, processed foods or fried foods, and if possible no medications. Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses.

6 – Extremely Important: Long or short term liquid diets or not eating can be very harmful to your body.  In fact people who do such cleanses as the ‘Master Cleanse’ (cayenne pepper, lemon & maple syrup), or liquid only juicing diets for extended periods of time wind up losing mostly muscle.  Once completed and you are eating food again, the metabolism will have slowed from all the muscle loss (muscle burns fat and is what keeps are metabolisms kicking), which results in more weight gained than lost (which for most people trying that sort of cleanse, weight loss is their main purpose).

7 – Cleansing for Weight Loss: Cleansing can help kick-starting a weight loss program, however it should not be a means for weight loss.  Like I said earlier deep cleansing is not recommended to do more than twice a year.  Fad diets and cleanse pills are usually unsustainable, meaning once you come off the diet or cleanse you usually gain the weight back and then some.

8 – On the cleanse: Cleansing is a process wherein the body is working hard to rid itself of toxins; you may feel tired and need extra rest during this time.  Take extra caution and listen to your body.  I don’t recommend it but if you choose to continue exercising, you may need to eat a little extra food than the portion sizes recommended in the cleansing diet. Aloe Vera juice is excellent at bedtime to coat and calm your stomach and intestines.  Colonics are also highly recommended to aid in the elimination process during or after the cleanse.

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