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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Amy Lynn Fitness: Ladies, Combat Low Self-Esteem With Self Improvement

We have a two day special from Amy Lynn Grover (Join The Fanpage) this week! Be sure to check back in with Amy again tomorrow for her regularly scheduled feature! Don’t forget Amy has her own section on the website under Health & Fitness, Amy Lynn Fitness, so you can read up on any articles you’ve missed! You can ask our resident expert whatever you want about fitness, exercise, nutrition and yoga! Leave your questions in the comment section or send them to! Be sure to check out the Amy’s website and follow Amy on Twitter!

Ladies, are you feeling insecure? Don’t be subject to Fears…They are like annoying little mosquito bites that itch, sometimes they even sting.  The thing is, everyone has them no matter what you look like, they are natural and normal and they also easily take over our mind if we let them.  The mind is much more powerful than the body, which is why if we constantly think something it can come true, for instance if ever time you think of yourself or look in the mirror and say: “I look fat” the power of thoughts are powerful enough that you might actually start believing your thoughts even if they aren’t true.Why is it that another person can make you look at yourself and make you think you aren’t enough?  Chances are you don’t even know the person, but instantly you become jealous because you think they look better than you or you may catch your boyfriend taking a peak, or they could be superficial reasons like they have better shoes, bag, car, bigger house or whatever.

Here is something I think this is crazy, this difference between men and woman: A woman is taken and all her “guy friends” are respectful and gentlemen like towards the girl and nice to the guy she’s with.  A man is taken and all his “girl friends” start hating on his girl, they continue to send inappropriate text messages, plant nasty “seeds” in his mind, start silly drama, and because now he is taken it becomes a game to them, they want what they can’t have, even if they don’t really want him; they’ll do what they can to flirt and try to steal her man.  Women are so insecure with themselves to begin with and then they’ll go and drive a fellow woman they don’t know batty with this crap.  What is up with that?

It’s not that men don’t have insecurities they are just not as good at vocalizing them, or shall I say better at covering them up.  Woman are vocal by nature, when something is on our mind we can’t stop talking about it until we feel better. There are so many reasons we feel we need to stack up, including the obvious influences from fashion magazines, advertisements and Hollywood.

At the end of the day your boyfriend or future boyfriend/husband loves you because of what’s on the inside not the just the visual – that fades, however guys can smell your insecurities a mile a way; as sharks can smell fear, guys can smell your insecurities.  Being self-conscious and insecure is not an attractive quality for anyone.  People will meet people anywhere and everywhere there are people in the bank, grocery store, at the gym and it doesn’t even need to be at a nightclub.  You need to trust your man, if you are going to lose him it will happen regardless or you putting a choke hold on him or not.

The thing about this world is that there are always going to be younger, prettier, skinner, smarter, stronger, richer people than us, all of which is completely out of our own personal control.  What is in our control is how we do us.  All we can be is the best we can be (sounds like an army slogan) but seriously do the best “you” you can.  The number 1 thing you can do is just take care of yourself mentally and physically, and sometimes a little superficially.  The point is be confident in yourself, love yourself, all of you your curves, your frizzy thin hair, your weird large second toe, all your little quirks that make you, you.

Spend time to do these 4 things:

  1. Feel Womanly.  Everything from shaving your legs on the daily, getting your nails done, getting a blow out or your roots done, wearing light make up as simple as wearing a daily bronzed lotion to mineral make up (with SPF in it).  Dress well, this doesn’t mean expensive, this means wearing clothes that fit you properly — not too big or too small, clothes that are age appropriate –check your skirt length, how low cut of your shirt, place appropriate –meeting his parents for lunch might suggest you put on something a little more conservative than say a night out with the girls, and clothes that fit your body type –some girls look better in skinny’s and some girls look great in bell bottoms, wear cuts and styles that work for your body type.

Note: You can be just as hot in your workout clothes as your jeans with white T to your LBD – it’s just how you wear them.  The number one accessory to all of them is your confidence.

  1. Exercise.  With exercise comes a rush of endorphins and a natural high.  When you are happy you are more confident, you will feel healthy and get a natural glow. Try a variety of things from yoga class to weights, get outdoors for a hike, run or maybe even take a pole-dancing lesson with the girls to bring out that inner vixen.
  1. Self Improvement.  Challenge yourself daily.  Working from within for constant personal growth.  Take time to meditate and set personal intentions. Who wants to hang or date someone we were 5 years ago?  We’ve all outgrown things whether it be people, clothes.  As times change so do we. No one wants to get left behind, take the time to learn about yourself, pick up a hobby, or try out a lesson such as learning how to cook or sculpt, go do something you’ve always wanted to like travel over seas or take yoga retreat in Costa Rica, get your black belt, gage your progress and check back in with your goals by writing a journal or a personal blog.
  1. Go out with the girls.  Everyone loves to spend majority of their free time with their significant other, but girls really need to spend some time with the girls hanging in or out for a glass of wine as much as guys need a night to hang out and watch football with the guys.  It’s important to have a little space from each other and it creates time to miss each other. Girls need to talk to other girls about girl stuff, first of all it’s more fun and secondly guys don’t want to hear all that stuff. For instance where Jessica got her extensions done and how many pieces it took to fill in her bob are completely irrelevant to a guy.  Recognize that, as they know we don’t know or care about the carburetor function in our car.
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