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Class Notes - 04/28/17

04/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Amy Lynn Fitness: 8 Ways To Kick Start Your Spring Fitness Routine

Spring is finally here, it’s a season for change, new beginnings, new life, new budding relationships and sex! Yep, fun and more fun with summer just around the corner. As we de-frost and de-bundle, we unravel all the little goodies we packed on over the long Canadian winter.  I know you want to feel sexy wearing less clothing this summer right? Well let’s get started right! It doesn’t take forever to tighten up- the only thing between you feeling and looking your best is you!  Take control and make a plan today!

Here’s how to start:

1 - Commit to yourself!  You have to love yourself, and truly believe in yourself.  Let all the negative mental chatter go, stop stressing about what you are not, and start focusing on who you are and all the positive things about you.

2 - Burn baby! To rid all that unwanted winter bulge and lean out you need to start with cardio!! Burn those calories with interval training, and lots of cardio to jump-start your body into high gear.  I’m not just talking about any old cardio machine, you need high intensity fat burning to give yourself a kick start.  Do this by biking a combination of flats and hills, or better yet try a spin class. Also hill sprints and football field sprints, with active recovery (jog it out to get your heart rate back to normal and then repeat), dance class (zumba), kickboxing and ye old faithful skipping—YES get your jump ropes out! It is an amazing full body cardio workout!  Don’t just stick with one option; mix it up all the time to keep confusing your body.

3 - Try something dynamic! Ditch the boring conventional stuff (like just standing bicep curls), instead try fluid full body dynamic training. When you use your entire body you will burn a ton more calories and get lean (I don’t mean jacked, although if you want to get ripped you can do that too with more weight and fewer reps).   Examples: Yoga, TRX full body strength training and lots of plyometric activities involving jump squatting, lunging, plyo-pushups and burpees.

4 - Eat slowly.  Take time for meal-time, eat slowly and chew your food.  Chewing is pre-digestion; when you chew enough, it’s much easier on your body, and the food will travel much faster through elimination. You’ll get more out of everything you eat, by helping your body process food more efficiently.

5 – Be aware of portion sizes. Slowly decrease your portions by making, or taking less and before you get the chance to want more, put the rest away (doggy bag) for lunch the next day, or later that day.  You’ll find you don’t need as much as you think you do, in fact most people over eat on a daily basis. Tupperware containers are a great way to control portion size per meal!

6 - Start eating smart. Incorporate salmon, olive oil, Greek yogurt, eggs/whites, quinoa, greens and salads into your diet.  Do a mini cleanse and give your body a break from the sauce, sugar, fried food and heavy processed carbohydrates (pasta, pizza, potatoes) for at least a week, and push for two.

7 – Don’t fall into the guilt cycle. You don’t need a treat (you are not a dog), but if you want to eat something eat it and enjoy it, but please don’t complain about it after.  Eat moderately, so that occasionally you can indulge in the not so healthy foods you like or have drinks with your friends. Even if you end up cheating, don’t beat yourself up mentally. Tomorrow is a new day! The most important thing for you to do is work towards building a routine one day at a time.

8 – Hit the gym every chance you get! If you eat badly or drink too much, a good sweat will be helpful to clear that up. We are all busy, but taking a half hour for resistance training between classes is still better than sitting around, and if you’re too tired after work to do your usual hour and a half routine, do your best to get through 45 minutes rather than take a full day off!

The trick is to get to a point where you can maintain all this and not be in a hurry to “jump-start” at any time; be consistent and balanced with your lifestyle choices, no bad weekends followed by starvation diets. Humans are social by nature; if you can’t stay on your diet and be in public it won’t stick and you’ll hate it.  Get yourself on a healthy routine, regular sleep, exercise, nutritious dense foods, drink the wine, have a slice of cake, enjoy living your life in your skin, because that’s what this is all about… Do all that and I promise you’ll feel and look amazing.


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