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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Amy Lynn Fitness: 6 Ways Yoga Will Help With The Sex

 Amy Lynn Grover (Join The Fanpage) is back with her weekly column, Amy Lynn Fitness! We first featured her in our Fitness Friday Female series, and now Amy Has her own section on the website under Health & Fitness, Amy Lynn Fitness, so you can read up on any articles you’ve missed! Remember you can ask our resident expert whatever you want about exercise, nutrition and yoga! Leave your questions in the comment section or send them to! Be sure to check outher website and follow Amy on Twitter!

It’s Friday and we’re all getting ready for the weekend to get started!  Everyone wants to get some (I’m assuming) right? No better way to start the weekend than with a little action.

But wait, did you know how mind blowing your sex could be if you hit the mat before you hit the sack?  Yoga does way more than just an average workout, aside from all the positive things it does for the body, mind and soul (seriously I do a column every week on it), and from the obvious flexibility factor (hello) it’s a double whammy if you both practice.
Yoga and sex actually have a lot of similarities; they both calm the mind and stimulate the spirit.  They are both based on physical agility and spiritual openness.

To heighten your sexual experience and enhance your pleasure, listen up here’s a few other pretty reasons to start hitting the mat:

  1. Yoga opens the chakra system.  The sex chakra also known as the sacral chakra is located just below the naval. This little bugger is a big deal.  It affects the way you interact with others on a social level, your sense of self worth, your expression of creativity and of course your sexuality.  When the chakras are open, so are you.
  2. It gives you body awareness. Yoga will help you get to know your body, especially your sex organs in which you will find more control to hold back longer, making the BIG O, oh so BIG.
  3. It teaches you Prana. In English it teaches you how to breathe efficiently and effectively, so you won’t be panting or out of breathe anymore.
  4. Yoga gives you endurance.  Want to pump a little bit harder a bit longer (need I say more)?
  5. It increases overall blood flow, which heightens sensitivity and the more blood flow… you get the picture.
  6. Don’t want to be a starfish anymore?  Yoga boosts your self-confidence in all aspects but especially in the sack. You won’t be scared of trying something a little different especially with your body banging like that.


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