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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

Amy Lynn Fitness: 10 Mistakes People Make When Getting Back In Shape

Everyone wants to have a “hot” beach bod and be swimsuit ready for the summer that is fast approaching…  Here’s a look from my point of view of some of the most common mistakes made in exercise and fitness.  Don’t waste another summer hiding behind a baggy T-shirt.  Summer is hot, don’t you want to be too?  Nix these bad habits and mistakes so you can take your clothes off this summer!!

1)   Putting off your start date.  There is no time like the present, so get started! Don’t wait until Monday, or next week, or the beginning of next month.  Get moving now.

2)   Sticking to just one fitness modality.  You need to do more than just cardio! Try a healthy combo of cardio, strength and flexibility training to get your body glowing the way you’d like it to.  Strength training builds and sculpts muscles (ladies use lightweight or just your body weight with high reps! Think- Core + Yoga + Elongating Movements). Muscle is what burns fat, and torches calories all day long after your workout.

3)   Exercising with the wrong form. If you are doing it wrong then you aren’t doing your body any good, and most likely injuring yourself.  Have someone who knows what they are doing check your form; take a private session or a class at the very least, and if you are able- book some sessions with a trainer!

4)   Doing the same workout every time. If you do not change your routine your results will plateau!  Mix it up to keep your body confused and slightly uncomfortable with the workout (it should be tough).  Keep your body guessing by doing different exercises for each muscle group, adding time (holding longer), increasing weight, or incorporating longer sets. Include different forms of training. For example, add plyometric, and flexibility routines into your workout.

5)   Over doing it.  Push yourself too hard and it can lead to injuries, or illness. Rest days are very important, for your body to have adequate time to recover. When you do resistance training your muscles are tearing, and they need time to repair. Mix in days of cross-training with activities, sports, or classes.

6)   Wasting hours on that elliptical.  Instead of spending hours churning away on that elliptical, try shorter fat blasting workouts, save time, inflict less havoc on your body, and burn more calories. Long sprints,

7)   Not eating enough.  It is okay to eat a little bit more after a hard workout.  Starving yourself leads to the body storing additional fat whenever you eat.  Eat balanced meals with adequate amounts of protein often. Your body needs material to build the muscle you are working so hard for!

8)   Eating too much. Just because you workout doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.  One hour on the treadmill might burn 400 calories, yet one cupcake is about 500 calories.  Eat and enjoy what you like in moderation!

9)   Low fat or no fat diets.  Your body will hold on to fat if you don’t consume healthy fats like olive oils, nuts and seeds.  Do not equate the word “fat” with “being” fat. There is a difference between “good fats” and “bad fats,” and that is a very important differentiation to be aware of! Eat it to burn it.

10)  Giving up too soon.  If you aren’t seeing results right away, just stick with it and don’t focus on your progress. You did not get out of shape in a single day, and you get back in shape in a single day either. Focus on how good you feel from taking better care of your body.

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