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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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Album Release: Jazzfeezy’s “Unveiling the Rapture”

n199038853803_572The Lion’s Den is proud to present the release of record producer Jazzfeezy’s debut album: “Unveiling the Rapture”.  The album was released November 12 with a new revamped single set to release December 23, just in time for the holiday season. “Unveiling the Rapture” features  many fresh Canadian artists including August, Andreena Millz, Burna, Red Shortz, Phax, Emerson Brooks, Regular Robb, Drew James, Daxflow, Steve Major, Dean Gray, Black Swiss, Deshay Grey, Mr. Ranking, C. Jay, Bass Line, and Darnel Morgan. Also with co-production from his mentors T-Minus and Boi 1da.

The album release party is set for December 22 at The Bank Nightclub in Barrie, Ontario. Check the facebook group for more information.

Below are some tracks as well as some background information about the album and producer.

01 Dedication Burna, Red Shortz, Daxflow, Phax, C Jay & Emerson Brooks

02 Heavy Weight Red Shortz

05 Cant Get My Money Burna

Click HERE to get your own copy of “Unveiling the Rapture”

Jazzfeezy: About the Artist


Background and production

Late 2008, Canadian hip-hop producer Jazzfeezy was in the studio one night with artists Burna, Phax and Red Shortz. Everyone was recording songs for their own albums. The only problem was budget and timing. Jazzfeezy then thought about how his mentors came to be the most sought-after producers in Canada. He then devised that he would do what no other Canadian producer has done in quite some time and come out with a compilation album. Unlike Swizz Beatz 2002 release: G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories and Timbaland 2007 release: Shock Value, this album consists of Jazzfeezy’s production only. He started to compile various artists throughout Toronto. He also thought what better way to make the album sound appealing then to get production by his mentors Boi 1da and T-Minus. He got many questions and comments along the way of his project being a mixtape. He replied “This isn’t a mixtape, this is an album.” The project was mixed by one of the top engineers in Canada: James Dasilva and Mastered by a man with many credentials George Seara.
“The artwork for the album was a very simple decision. I wanted to keep the concept fresh and current.” Jazzfeezy decided to go with someone who has already done a lot of artwork for him, not to mention doing his logo, website, business card and Myspace. Kevin Prendergast (better known as KSauce) designed the artwork for the album. Early July 2009, Jazzfeezy had an idea to get artwork done for each song. He then decided he would have a color theme to go with each song and a set of 4 designs that would fluctuate throughout the album. “I wanted to keep the artwork close and in the family”. Ryan Ian Prendergast is credited for the artwork for the album singles.

Track listing
1. “Dedication” (feat. Burna, Red Shortz, Daxflow, Phax, C.Jay & Emerson Brooks)
2. “Heavy Weight” (featuring Red Shortz)
3. “Unstoppable” (feat. Burna, Bass Line & Dean Gray) (co-produced by T-Minus)
4. “Words Won’t Do” (featuring August) (co-produced by Boi-1da & T-Minus)
5. “Can’t Get My Money” (featuring Burna)
6. “Leaving You Behind” (feat. Phax & Steve Major)
7. “Sadness Prevails” (featuring Burna & Darnel Morgan)
8. “At Last” (featuring Regular Robb)
9. “My Fresh” (feat. Black Swiss & DeShay Grey)
10. “Story to Tell” (feat. Burna, Red Shortz & Regular Robb) (co-produced by Boi-1da)
11. “I’m Not Alone” (feat. Burna & Andreena Mill)
12. “Journey” (featuring Burna)
13. “Pressure” (feat. Burna, Drew James, Mista Ranking & Red Shortz)
14. “Flying High” (featuring Phax & Red Shortz) (co-produced by T-Minus)
15. “Outro” (featuring Regular Robb)

Personal and credits
• Executive Producer: Jazz “Jazzfeezy” Singh
• Exclusive Producers: Jazz “Jazzfeezy” Singh, Matthew “Boi 1da” Samuels, Tyler “T-Minus” Williams and Michael “Big Smuz” Smusiak
• Guitars: Michael “Big Smuz” Smusiak & Steve Samson
• Mastered by: George Seara at Phase One Studios, Toronto, ON
• Mixing by: James Dasilva at The Lab Studios, Barrie, ON
• Photography: Cindy Yhap & Jamie Irving
• Art Direction and Design: Kevin “KSauce” Prendergast
• Additional Artwork: Ryan Ian Prendergast

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