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Class Notes - 04/28/17

04/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

9 Dexter Spin-Offs We Would Actually Watch

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Our earlier discussion on Hannah McKay’s return to Showtime’s Dexter got us thinking about the possible reasons why the writers brought her back for the final season, and whether or not she’d be able to shoulder her own spin-off, seeing as there are so many rumours flying around the web these days. That of course inspired further conversation on possible Dexter spin-offs that might actually work, and we ended up with the list of 9 you see below.

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1 – Hannah


You love Yvonne Strahovski, I love Yvonne Strahovski, so why not develop an entire show about Yvonne Strahvski as the deranged serial killer, Hannah McKay? A spin-off would let us get into her mind, explore her personal motivations, and get intimate with her especially awesome brand of crazy.

2 – The Masukas


Depending on the direction the writers take with Vince Masuka’s daughter Niki this season, a spin-off that sees them move to somewhere, like Arizona, to start a new life could have many of the same crime related themes as Dexter, but with a more upbeat pace.

An angle like this runs the risk of coming off a bit sit-commy, but if it’s well written it could work, and be damn entertaining.



The title needs some work, but admit it- you only hated Doakes because he hated Dexter, and aside from that you secretly hoped he’d win… until of course he died.

Now, imagine a younger Doakes, in a time before Dexter joined Miami Metro, and you have a recipe for one seriously awesome, and potentially over-the-top, cop show. Throw in some drama from a younger, spicier LaGuerta, and this show would be unstoppable. Hell, just recast those roles with Samuel L Jackson and Catherine Zeta Jones, and we could make this bitch a full length motion picture.

4 – On The Run (The Lumen Story)


This one works if the network looking for an A-lister (B-lister), like Julia Stiles, to spearhead a spin-off.

Lumen was by far one of the most “successful” of Dexter’s companions, and while she was initially kind of annoying, her character grew over time, and thereby grew on us.

My idea is for a show that follows Lumen as she travels from town to town, getting into trouble with the law, local ruffians, drug dealers (I feel like she would constantly be getting into trouble with drug dealers), and finding that her inner darkness hasn’t disappeared as Dexter had originally predicted.

It would also be interesting to see how her time with Dexter has affected her ability to adjust to “real life” after her traumatizing experience, and embracing her newly discovered dark passenger. Hell, it would even be kind of cool if she came back at the end of this season and legit Dexter-killed Hannah McKay.

Girl-on-girl-serial-killer-throw-down #FTW

5 – Breaking Quinn (It’s a working title)


Brooding, drunk, crooked, conflicted, and sexually depraved, this would be a show about a Joey Quinn of days past; a glimpse into the darkness that made him the screw-up he is today; and the story behind the many shady connections that several of the Dexter series plot lines have touched on.

Overall Quinn has always been a good guy, but his vices have always seemed to get the better of him. Seeing how far he fell before eventually cleaning his life up (kind of), would both be awesome and inspiring.

6 – The Code 

vogel crazy

Let’s say that both Dexter and Deb die at the end of this season, Zack Hamilton somehow manages to survive the carnage. He would then have nobody to turn to for guidance, but Dr Vogel, and she would of course be teaching this freshly minted whackjob all about Dexter’s code. Scary, I realize.

That being said, I feel like given Dexter’s likely demise, this is the outcome that Jennifer Carpenter is quite literally hoping will pan out, seeing as she has been quite outspoken about her desire for Deb to die.

7 – Sergeant Quinn

joey bj

On this Joey Quinn spin-off we see him transferred to another department in disgrace after being made Sargeant at Miami Metro, then fucking it up royally, shortly after the events of the Dexter series finale. Quinn gets demoted at his new department, but everybody still calls him “Sergeant Quinn” out of spite, and from that point on we see him continue to struggle with his past demons, while trying to do his job with some semblance of efficacy. An off-beat partner might be a nice touch too, for a bit of comic relief, or simply a character foil.

I clearly love the Quinn spin-offs the most, because I feel like he’s almost been one of the more charmingly flawed supporting characters on the show, and everyone loves a good fuck-up story.

8 – Before Dexter


This would be more of a mini-series idea, where each episode captures the past exploits of one of Dexter’s later thwarted foes, and there is an almost endless number to choose from. The Trinity Killer, Hannah McKay, and the Ice Truck Killer would be crowd pleasing characters to start with, but I think that even some of the minor killers would be interesting to focus on as well.

9 – Harry


Growing up without his father (this idea assumes that Dexter dies this season), Harrison Morgan has been raised without any true knowledge of Dexter’s dark past, aside from rumours and otherwise disputed accusations. This all changes when he comes across Harry’s recorded tapes of the sessions he had with Dr. Vogel, which we are now very familiar with. Harry begins to look into his mother’s death, now unsure of his father’s actual involvement, in addition to discovering harrowing details of Dexter’s life and death as well.

harrison walking

Harry would also find himself struggling with his own “dark passenger” and decide whether he should succumb to his dark urges, seek professional help, or like his namesake, a bit of both.

This one might be a bit tricky, because it would be set in the future, but it doesn’t have to become too dystopian, because it would only be about 12 years ahead of the present, featuring a 17-19 year old Harrison.

Appearances from Dexter, Harry, and Deb could be made throughout, in the form of flashbacks, or recordings.

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