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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

7 Sites To Use For Streaming & Downloading When IceFilms Goes Down


Much to the anger of its many faithful users, IceFilms.info went down today (kind of), and since we’ve been meaning to update our list of 7 Sites To Use For Streaming/Downloading In A Post MegaUpload World article, because many of those sites have since been taken down, we felt like this was as good a time as any.

This list of 7 websites is ordered by ease of use, speed of stream, as well as volume of available videos and stream/download sources per video. If you have any that you think we should include on the list, please comment below.

1 – IceFilms

That’s right suckas, IceFilms is actually still up and running, if you know how to find it, and with the hyperlink above, now you do.

In terms of ease of use, updated entries, quality of video, and variety of links, IceFilms is still the best in my opinion. If you are a streamer of a downloader, it doesn’t matter, because IceFilms will allow you to do both. To optimize the use of their service, installing a script is necessary, but  their tutorials make it easy enough for a child to figure out.

Until they sort out their DNS issues, people are going to freak out about IceFilms being “shut down,” but now that you’re aware of the work-around, you don’t even need the rest of this list… Until of course IceFilms actually gets taken out *knocks on wood*

2 – Solar Movie http://www.solarmovie.so

When it comes to “stream only sites” this is the one that I have been the most impressed by. Solar Movie, despite the name, offers both TV shows and movies, and much like IceFilms, is kept very up to date with a ton of variety. The layout is reminiscent of Movie2k (RIP), which I was always a fan of, and more importantly they don’t redirect to 3 party sites, but host the embeds locally. This means fewer pop-ups, and faster load speeds. Everybody wins.

Of the stream-only sites Solar is also the best for pop-ups over all. You’re going to get 1 or 2 coming at you, but not 4-7 like some of the others on the list.

3-  Movie4K http://www.movie4k.to

I know I just payed homage to the death of Movie2K above, but all is not lost, because Movie4K picked up right where they left off after the shut down, brandishing a “fuck you” to la policia right on their banner! They’re up to date on every show, they offer a ton of new movies, and they serve links from a lot of third party sites, so you have more than enough alternate options, just like Solar Movies.

The main difference between Movie4K and Solar is that M4K is going to redirect you to a third party website, while Solar won’t. It’s not the biggest deal, but it was enough to edge them down a spot on this list.

4 –  Watch Series Online http://www.watchseries-online.eu/

This site is very reliable, but for TV shows only. In addition to popular North American shows, however, they offer a number of lesser known shows, as well as more titles from the UK than most of these other sites. In terms of updates, WSO is the absolute best for having new shows available almost right after they air on TV.

5 – 1Channel/Prime Wire/Let Me Watch This/Vodly http://www.primewire.ag

I am not the biggest fan of the schizophrenically named 1Channel website, but it’s hella popular, and easy to use, so I’m sticking it at #5. All 4 aliases lead to the same website (1Channel is down, but 1Channel Movie is up), so many will cite them as different websites (even so far as to argue which one is better), but they’re all just slight variations of the original.

When it comes to speed of update and variety, 1Channel is on par with the others, but there are a few more steps required to get you to the stream you’re looking for, and if you don’t have an ad blocker running, this site will be a nightmare.

One surprising benefit I found, was that 1Channel lists many of the same third party sites the IceFilms does, so if you’re already running the script you can download instead of stream, or use the VLC stream option like you would with IceFilms proper.

6 – Project Free TV http://projectfree.tv

This site has been around since the beginning of time, and somehow survived the copyright battle. They have just about everything, but their layout has always been lacking. Once you get used to how PFTV works, however, it will never let you down… Until you’re 7 links in, and still can’t find a stream that works. It’s #6 for a reason.

7 – Crackle http://www.crackle.com/

I doubt you’ve heard of this one before, because they don’t offer brand new shows or movies, but if you’re looking to binge watch a show that’s ended, or watch movies from a few years ago, this site is amazing. The quality of their videos are all in HD, and there is zero buffer time- you can click around an entire movie stream like it was a DVD with no problem. 

These guys seem to be “on the level,” which might explain why their titles are limited, but they release new movies often enough, and they have tons of full season TV shows available too.  

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  2. All Genres says:

    An amazing collection just what I was looking for. Why does icefilms keep going down all the time? it is so annoying :(

    thank you for the list!

  3. aries says:

    icefilms still does not work even with that link it’s been off all day dec 16&17 2014. So if anyone has any idea’s or solutions please let me know thank you ppl.

    • Anthony says:

      Icefilms is having hosting issues.

      Also want to add:
      1. Navi (cam to Bluray all types)
      2. Putlocker
      3. Movie 25 (TV and Movie)
      4. Much Movies
      5. ustvnow (sign up free and live stream network tv)
      If you want to skip ads and all the other stuff get XBMC (Kodi)- but there is a small learning curve.

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