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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

50 Things Old UWO Kids Know That The New Western Kids Won’t

I know I’m going to date myself by writing this, but fuck it all, this list has been growing for too long, and it’s the end of the year, so we might as well get it out. I wasn’t actually around London long enough to know some of this stuff, but I know a number of people that were. If you can remember something that I may have left out leave it in the comment section, on the fanpage, or e-mail submissions@lionsdenu.com. We’ll continue the list and republish with every 6-15 additions.

What you’ll find below is a list of places we used to go that no longer exist, things we used to know that have long since been forgotten and random facts that would have been all over Facebook if it were as popular then as it is now… or even existed.

  1. Moxies used to be Club Phoenix (mixed drinks were $1.75), a bar called “Monopoly” before that and a Bank Of Montreal before that (check out photos from the old CPN)
  2. Cobra used to be 29 and Park
  3. Club Mansion used to be The Riverside
  4. Jacks used to be Sebastian’s Catering
  5. Up On Carling was a very different bar called Old Chicago’s, but more aptly nicknamed “Old Chi-Cougar’s”
  6. London Hall (residence) used to be David Suzuki’s house (he went to London Central Secondary School)
  7. The New Yorker used to be GTs 
  8. Cowboy’s was once The Drink and it was fucking awesome! I saw K-Os perform there for the first time
  9. Club Noir used to be Salt Lounge. Before it was the Drink, it was known as The Nac and before that it was a grocery store.
  10. DC++ used to be UWGo
  11. A porn video was shot at 3 Audrey (between Huron and Broughdale)
  12. The Saugeen Stripper (enough said)
  13. Porn star Lauren Phoenix went to Western
  14. Barney’s interior was not always that classy
  15. Club LRG used to be Spotlight
  16. The CSO’s annual weekend event (Culture Show) used to be so massive every year that people from all over would drive up to London for. Even as far as Windsor and Detroit.
  17. Jack Astor’s was TJ Baxtor’s
  18. It’s never been cool to wear Uggs, but we accept it because the rest of your outfit just gave us a chub
  19. Club Rouge was once Legends, a strip club
  20. Echelon was once the best retail store in London, and then it became DLR, and now it’s nothing
  21. Jim Bob Ray’s was once our favourite hole in the wall, before Premier made it one of the trendiest places to get blackout drunk 4 days a week
  22. The Embassy was once a dirty place to listen to awesome music
  23. The new Ivey Building was once a soccer field
  24. The old athletic centre was once in the basement of the UCC
  25. The Labatt Health Science Building was once simply called The South Valley Building
  26. Before The South Valley Building, JW Little Football Stadium stood in that field (check out the rest of the demolition photos here)
  27. The new athletic centre was once just a hill with raccoons and beavers
  28. Tenenbaums was THE after bar place, but now it’s HeyDays and therefore just not the same
  29. Green Tea was once a random Asian restaurant, that had a “magic window” after the bar, where you could get 3 items for $5, as long as you obeyed the ‘Dont’s Ask Don’t Tell’ treaty
  30. The McAuley Boys (including UWO’s star running back, Randy McAuley… pre-dreads) were nominated for a Juno long before the words to White and Purple were ever penned YouTube Preview Image
  31. Rick McGhie is a robot from the future that will outlive us all
  32. Story Book Gardens is an awesome place to visit under the influence of literally anything, and was once a case in the Bus20 package
  33. Courses at UWO had only 2 or 3 digit codes. It’s only recently that every course was switched to a 4 digit code, which generally consists of adding a few digits to existing course codes. Effectively Bus257 is now Bus2257 etc
  34. The Gazette (old website) used to be a thought provoking, cutting edge publication… Until the USC realized it was a thought provoking cutting edge publication
  35. The Spoke is an open drinking area, but it was once split between wet and dry, and then they realized how ridiculous that was and changed it back. The Spoke And Rim Tavern, as it’s officially known, was also originally in Somerville House.
  36. The Wave used to be a two-level event space before the converted it into a Kelsey’s
  37. TSN’s Jennifer Hedger, a Western grad, rose in popularity after this lesbian make-out scene aired on the Life Network (here)
  38. Masonville Mall used to have a mini-putt course that anybody could play, and it looks like it would have been an insanely awesome way to spend a hangover Sunday
  39. The Starbucks at Oxford And Wharncliffe used to be Paragon Restaurant. An awesome place to get breakfast, and arguably one of the best in the city (hopefully we never lose Christina’s)
  40. Westminster College/Hall used to be one of the farthest residences on campus (Richmond and Windermere area), but was shut down and converted into Alumni relations, and the University Laboratory School (whatever the fuck that means)… Which inspired this letter from an angry former resident.
  41. There used to be a tunnel under Western Road that went from Saugeen to main campus, but it was shut down. It looked like this: YouTube Preview Image
  42. The New Yorker is now a country bar called the Bucking Bull…. it has a mechanical bull inside. I’m giving this its own spot on the list, because that shit is cray. Anybody else remember when Steve Aoki hung from those rafters, and The Zeds Dead video was shot there? Times are a-changing. Turns out the location was also once called “Tracy Starr’s Burlesque House” which I wish I was around for!
  43. The Rideout Tavern (aka The Slideout) was one of London’s most celebrated restaurant/bars, and it stood proudly at King and Rideout, but sadly is no more.
  44. The Coates Of Arms used to be the old APK, a place for hipsters and snowboarders to get together and talk about art, film, and bands that nobody has heard of. Before it was APK, it was known as The Rose And Crown. The new APK Live is in the basement of Yuk Yuk’s/Is Yuk Yuk’s, and is the local home front of le dubstep and other alt types of musical fare.
  45. The Elbow Room predates most of the students that actually go to Western now, but it was a bar in the basement of the UCC and it looks like it was a lot of fun. Check out this gallery from a group on Facebook that still remembers “The ‘Bow” and an entirely different era of Western student… Some of your parents are in these pictures! Oh, and “The Spoke And Rim” aka The Spoke, used to be in Somerville House… weird.
  46. Andrew Orenstein was part of the old school crew mentioned above, and was the writer/producer of well known shows like 3rd Rock From The Sun, Malcolm In The Middle and Everybody Hates Chris. It’s said that there’s an episode of 3rd Rock (1997) where the football team is called the “Western Mustangs” and their uniforms are purple! Now that’s pride!
  47. Alan Thicke graduated from Western wayyyy back in the day, and was in Delta Upsilon. Many will recognize him from his current role on I’m With The Band and other more recent appearances, but many more (we hope) recognize him from his starring role in Growing Pains…. Yes, this is Robin Thicke’s dad.
  48. The Rose And Crown was APK before APK was the Coates of Arms wayyyy back in the day. Check out this old review of the R&C from what appears to be the dawn of the interwebs.The Althouse parking lot is already under construction, as Western’s construction of a new residence is well underway. It’s going to be semi-suite style and shelter about a 1,000 students, to help the ongoing overflow of fresh meat new students at UWO. 
  49. The Althouse parking lot is already under construction, as Western’s new residence is well underway. It’s going to be semi-suite style and shelter about a 1,000 students, to help the ongoing overflow of fresh meat new students at UWO. 
  50. There was a lot of commotion when Western decided to officially change its name from The University of Western Ontario, to Western University in its re-branding effort. In the end not a lot is really different, as the acronym UWO will continue to be used colloquially, but the logos will all be consolidated to the new crest….$200,000 later. YouTube Preview Image
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  1. Brad R says:

    Campus Rec in the UCC?

    • Colton says:

      It had a huge pool, there was multiple high diving boards and second-story viewing area. And the change rooms featured these weirdly configured mirrors where if you stood at certain spots you could see your reflection repeated endlessly.

  2. Dennie says:

    Cowboys used to be a restaurant called The Corkscrew then it became Dr Rockets then The Nac then The Drink. Club LRG was bar called Icabods. The New Yorker (The Bucking Bull patio) was a theatre called the New Yorker. Club Mansion was actually lawyer’s offices (Neighbourhood Legal Services). UCC use to have an arcade (yup totally old school) in the lower level. Rouge was a strip club The Forum for many, many years, even before it became Legends. And smoking was aloud in Weldon Library eww. Clearly I’m aging myself lol.

  3. Colton says:

    The “new” APK closed in the summer of 2012 due to a shitty landlord, but when all hope seemed lost the owner of Brendan’s Bistro partnered with the owners of APK and changed the Bistro into the new *new* APK.

    Also, Yuk Yuk’s closed far before the APK at Wellington and York did, and has since moved to the Western Fair district.

    Other random stuff:
    -Urban Outfitters used to be a Blockbuster before the company went bankrupt
    -Budweiser Gardens used to be the John Labatt Centre, AKA the JLC
    -Target used to be a Zellers, which featured its very own Zeller’s Family Restaurant, which was bizarre and sad and always empty
    -The Gazette used to be relevant, pushed boundaries, and was engaging. And they had an insaaaane April Fools issue one year that made national headlines, almost shutting them down, and leading to a watered down paper

  4. Lori M says:

    Thanks for this article. Brings back memories!

  5. DJ Starchild says:

    Yeah # 9 is WAAAAAY Off

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