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Class Notes - 03/28/17

03/28/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

4 Startups From International Startup Festival Montreal 2014 You Will Love

We’re wrapping up our coverage of our first foray into the wide world of the International Startup Festival in Montreal this year, with a roundup of some of the most interesting startups we came across throughout the week. Be sure to also check out our 4 favourite speakers from the festival too!

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1 – Blynk: Tinder for Outfits


Blynk was founded by Jaclyn Ling and Shums Kassam, as a part of the Next 36 Program for high potential entrepreneurs. The platform lets you quickly browse through different outfits, and save your favourites with a swipe. “Shopping the look” is the quickest way to make fashion and e-commerce feel native.

Blynk's Jaclyn Ling winning the $100k pitch contest! (Image courtesy Ryerson DMZ)

Blynk CMO Susie Pan winning the $100k pitch contest! (Image courtesy Ryerson DMZ)

We weren’t the only ones that were impressed by this app, as the Blynk team won the $100K prize after being chosen by a panel of big name investors.

2 – InstaElite


Bryan Gold, the founder of InstaElite, was not just there to pitch his company to investors, he was there selling InstaElite to the troves of startups looking for compelling ways to attract users. InstaElite makes it easier for businesses and brands to connect with celebrities, athletes, and exports for endorsements… Oh, and did we mention that Bryan is a Western grad? #nobias

InstaElite's Bryan Gold pitching the experts! (Image courtesy Ryerson DMZ)

InstaElite’s Bryan Gold pitching the experts! (Image courtesy Ryerson DMZ)

After having successfully mounted a number of compelling campaigns that have shown significant ROI for his customers manually, the IE team has gone stealth to refine the platform, which is launching in August under a new name.

3 – Trend Trunk


Do you have one too many outfits that you never wear anymore? Do you need money to go out this weekend? Sean Snyder, founder of Trend Trunk, is here to solve your problems, one outfit at a time!

Trend Trunk lets you exchange unworn clothes easily, for cash or good will. Simply post a photo of what you are trying to get rid of to Trend Trunk, and others can buy the clothes you know longer want. It’s an easy way to fill your wallet and empty your closet.

4 – ArtLocal


As the name suggests, Art Local (available in the app store) connects you with art galleries you will enjoy, that are local to you (operating only in Toronto or New York for now). Founded by Sean Green and Raymond Nguyen, the app is a great way to show impress people with how cultured you are, when you need to quickly find a great, cultural, and conversational place to take the Art History Major you met during your science distribution requirement.

…Turns out Sean is also a Western grad. Go ‘Stangs!

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