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Class Notes - 03/29/17

03/29/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

3 Ways To Save Money This Semester

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Finances can contribute to how people live, in more ways than one. If you don’t have enough money, you can become stressed out and wind up in debt. Even if you have a lot of funds, you may not be investing them wisely, and might end up over-spending. Plus, if you’re an over spender, chances are you don’t have a savings account or a long term financial plan. If any of the above pertains to you, it’s not too late. It’s important to start making positive financial changes, and there are a few habits you can implement.

In time you’ll become more financially savvy, which will help you pave the way to financial freedom. Here are 3 things you can do to help save money this semester!

1 – Make a Grocery List

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Do you tend to buy groceries you don’t use or end up expiring because you buy too many at a time? Make a grocery list and stick with it. A grocery list only needs to include the food you know you are going to use and eat. Stick with healthy items and a few favorites that you know you will eat.

Making a weekly list and sticking to a thoroughly planned out grocery schedule will help you cut back on items that you don’t need to buy.

2 – Try e-Cigarettes


If you’re a smoker, traditional cigarettes can add up quickly! Have you tried e-cigs? You may consider trying a 21st Century e-cig, which is a less expensive way to smoke without the constant cigarette waste. Consider purchasing a vaporizer pen and e-cigarette refills that you can keep and use on a regular basis.

Instead of spending money on traditional cigarettes your investment in a vaporizer pen and refills will be a lot less money over time, and who knows, you may enjoy smoking an e-cig more than a traditional cigarette.

3 – Put Money Aside


If you struggle with saving money, setup a savings account that you can’t get access to easily, or start a personal retirement fund (401K or RRSP). Begin small and make goals to save up a certain amount of money. Over time you’ll be impressed with the money that you are saving up, which will encourage you to stay consistent and continue to save.

The idea is to create small habits, which will lead to thoughtful planning and a more healthier financial practices.

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