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Class Notes - 04/26/17

04/26/17 - Class Notes

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There are several things that can

12 Celebrity Accounts Hit Hardest By The “Instapurge”

10860197_1540165986240764_578530593_nAs it was foretold, this week the “Instarapture” scorched the interweb, purging the unholiest of stagnant Instagram accounts from the face of social media, sparing no one, affecting active and inactive users alike… Biblical rhetoric aside, we were all very interested to see which accounts would be exposed for buying their followers, and we were not disappointed.


Zach Allia of 64px kept track of who has lost the most followers post-purge and listed the top 100, of which we have provided the most notable 12 celebrities below. It should also be noted that Instagram’s account lost 18.8 million of their own followers in the purge, and user chiragchirag78 lost 3.6 million followers (leaving them with just 8) shortly before the account was deactivated. Wow.

1 – Justin Bieber - justinbieber:  20,279,386 followers left, 3,538,228 lost, 14.8% inactive


2 – Akon - akon: 1,916,385 followers left, 2,459,246 lost, 56.20% inactive


3 – Tyga - kinggoldchains: 3,564,711 followers left, 2,127,223 lost, 37.3726% inactive


4 – Ariana Grande - arianagrande: 20,219,621 followers left, 1,529,206 lost, 7.03% inactive


5 – Kim Kardashian - kimkardashian: 22,218,039 followers left, 1,300,963 lost, 5.53% inactive


6 – Rihanna - badgalriri: 13,294,570 followers left, 1,159,864 lost, 8.02% inactive


7 – Selena Gomez - selenagomez: 18,456,569 followers left, 1,116,032 lost, 5.70% inactive


8 – P Diddy - iamdiddy: 3,618,449 followers left, 1,049,683 lost, 22.48% inactive


9 – Kendall Jenner - kendalljenner: 16,141,435 followers left, 906,897 lost, 5.31% inactive


10 – Bruno Mars - brunomars: 2,811,373 followers left, 881,383 lost, 23.8679% inactive


11 – Beyonce - beyonce: 21,375,819 followers left, 831,971 lost, 3.74% inactive


12 – Kylie Jenner - kyliejenner: 14,824,782 followers left, 826,529 lost, 5.28% inactive


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